Bluewater spectacularly efficient water purifiers

At Bluewater, we do more than innovate, make and sell spectacularly efficient water purifiers. We are also pioneering new approaches to enhancing people’s health and wellbeing.

Our founder and executive chairperson Bengt Rittri, one of Sweden’s leading environmental entrepreneurs, is driven by the desire to innovate the world’s best water purifiers because he believes everyone is entitled to drink water free of contaminants.

Like Bengt, all of us working at Bluewater pursue the ethos that clean drinking water is a basic human right. Bluewater exists to provide our customers at home or at work water purifiers that give them water as pure as nature intended.


Winning awards is not what drives us. Rather, it is our passion for pristine drinking water from the tap that drives us to innovate the world’s best water purifiers. With a focus on health, wellness and design, our water purifiers have attracted international praise for the way they function and fit modern lifestyle aspirations.

Red Dot Design & Function Award

Since 1955, Germany’s internationally recognized Red Dot Design Award, has honored the very best in design on a global level. The Bluewater Cleone has been awarded the Red Dot award for its ground-breaking design and function.

Envisioneering Innovation and Design Award for Bluewater Spirit

The Bluewater Spirit water purifier was honored with a prestigious Envisioneering International Innovation And Design Award at Europe’s biggest tech show, IFA Berlin 2015. Bluewater Spirit won recognition for its innovation level, design and value to consumers. Envisioneering’s international team of technologists, marketers and industrial designers assessed each competing product, technology or service before making their choices for the ‘best of the best’ at IFA 2015 Berlin

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