What to Look for in Lucite Tubs and Shower Floors

Replacing bathroom fixtures in a remodel gives you the chance to ensure that you get the best quality for your money. You'll find Lucite acrylic tubs and shower pans in new homes that have the most updated bathroom features, and most contractors also recommend Lucite components. Lucite is preferred because of its quality of construction and long life, along with its ability to form into any shape desired.


Why choose Lucite for tubs and shower floors?

Lucite has long been the standard in hot tubs because it's easy to clean and stain resistant. It has the same qualities when you use it in the bath. The white, glossy color stays shiny won't fade over time. Since Lucite is exceptionally moldable, tubs can be designed to be comfortable for the body. The acrylic resists scratching and holds up well to everyday use. It's also easy to construct shower floors with a textured pattern that makes them slip-resistant.


How are Lucite acrylic tubs manufactured?

A tub made of Lucite starts as a large sheet of acrylic. These sheets come in various thicknesses, depending on the type of tub to be constructed. The acrylic is heated to soften it, and then it's draped over a mold to form the tub. This is an expert process since the acrylic must be evenly stretched with no thin places on the surface. High pressure is applied along with the heating of the acrylic to make sure that it cures properly and becomes finished Lucite with all of its beneficial properties.


What to Look for in Quality Bathroom Fixtures


Shower Base

  • Slip-resistant floor
  • Lucite construction
  • Fiberglass reinforcement
  • Permanent color
  • Easy Installation
  • Stainless steel levelers
  • Warranty




  • All of the above
  • Designed for comfort
  • Constructed for proper water flow


Cost Considerations

Acrylic bathtubs are less expensive than steel ones, and they last just as long, especially if you choose Lucite acrylic. They're also strong and durable, reinforced with fiberglass covered by a rock-hard layer of acrylic. Lucite tubs conform to the shape of the body and are warm to the touch, unlike metal or ceramic. Besides being easy to clean, acrylic is non-porous and not conducive to the growth of bacteria.


You can find tubs made of other materials that look the same as Lucite and have a lower price point. Some of them are also lightweight, making them easier to transport and install. The drawbacks are that they usually have a shorter lifespan and are more prone to scratches that have to be professionally repaired. Be sure and check the warranty of any tub or shower pan that you purchase to make sure you're getting a long-lasting product.



Lucite is resistant to soap scum and water stains because of its non-porous properties. You should be able to keep a tub or shower base looking like the day you bought it for years with the proper care. Fiberglass tubs can be less expensive, but they're more prone to scratches, and the color fades over time. They're usually coated with a layer of acrylic, whereas Lucite tubs are made from solid acrylic.


Long-Lasting Fixtures for Your Bathroom

Remodeling can be an expensive and time-consuming project. To ensure that your bathroom upgrades will last and continue to look beautiful, it's recommended that you choose tubs and shower pans made of Lucite acrylic. The quality and durability of the product more than make up for any price difference compared to tubs made of cheaper materials. Easy to clean, scratch-resistant Lucite fixtures are shaped for comfort, and they'll retain a rich, glossy color for years to come.

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