Using Gold Accents in Interior Design

Gold is one of the world's most precious metals, and it's also one of the most powerful hues that you can use in your home. Whether you're using actual gold leaf or simply picking out decor items that are gold in color, you'd probably be better off if you chose not to cover every surface in your house with golden items. When used sparingly, however, gold is one of the most attractive colors or materials that you can use to decorate your home; it's beautifully reflective, it has a restful hue, and it's generally pleasing to the eye. If you want to incorporate more gold into your home's appearance, here are some basic tips that you should follow.


Throw a Golden Vase on Your Case

While many homeowners use bookcases for purely utilitarian reasons, these pieces of furniture also provide ideal opportunities for decoration. While a full-height bookcase might be a bit too high to place anything on top of, shorter bookcases are the perfect places to put attractive figurines, rare rocks, or stylish vases. If you have a minimalist or ultra-modern decor style in place in your home, a golden vase might be the perfect thing to put on top of a low, white bookcase stuffed full of your favorite books, recipes, or knick-knacks. In the winter, you can place ornamental sprigs from your favorite evergreen trees in this vase, and in the spring and summer, you can collect yellow and blue wildflowers that will contrast deliciously with your vase's rich, golden tones.


Accentuate Your Bed with Gold Throw Pillows

Some homeowners might call it good if they have a bed that's well-enough made to sleep in at night, but others pull out all of their stops to make their beds look beautiful throughout the day. If you're in the latter group, it's likely that you're always on the search for more ornamental objects to make your bed the centerpiece of your bedroom, and throw pillows are the best things to place on your bed if you want to achieve a beautiful, yet restful, effect. These pillows sit on top of your bedding after you've carefully folded and tucked your clean sheets and duvet, and most homeowners set up at least two or three rows of pillows to create an ideal aesthetic effect. One way that you can effectively use gold throw pillows on your bed is to place them between two layers of white pillows. That way, your golden pillows shine out brightly without overpowering the other hues in your bedroom. You may also want to arrange other gold elements such as dressers or chests throughout your bedroom to complement your gold pillows.


Try a Gold Frame for Your Mirror

You may only have a single mirror throughout your entire house, but most homeowners have a number of these reflective features to provide the appearance of more space and create an ideal area for grooming. While gold frames for paintings and photographs can also be great, there's nowhere that gold looks better than around the edge of a mirror. Depending on what it's reflecting, most mirrors show relatively light colors, which means that the rich, intoxicating hues created by a gold frame will perfectly complement your mirror's silvery interior. Some places that you might want to install a gold frame on your mirror include your bedroom, bathroom, hallway, and dining room.

Using Gold Accents in Interior Design


Golden Light Fixtures for Brilliant Rays

One place where gold looks right at home in your house is in light fixtures. You may simply want to replace some of your recessed light fixtures with golden models, but there are tons of other ways that you can incorporate gold into the lights in your home. Chandeliers are one place to start; these light fixtures already feature plenty of shiny materials, so adding a bit of gold wouldn't seem out of place at all. Not all hanging light fixtures need to contain a lot of dangling, sparkling components, however; some modern chandeliers simply consist of metallic cylinders that look great when you do them in gold. Even though natural light contains all of the colors of the spectrum, when golden hues complement light, it resembles the appearance of the sun, which makes golden light fixtures the perfect things to brighten up your home during long winter nights.


Paint Your Ceiling Gold

Even if you feel like gold is a little bit too gaudy to include anywhere else in your home, one place where this color really shines is on your ceiling. Whether you paint the ceilings of your living room, dining room, or bedroom gold, this color catches the light in a beautiful way that will make you feel serene and rested. When you're painting your ceiling gold, it's best to use paints that has actual gold flecks in it; that way, you'll be able to bask in the incredible sparkles that appear every time the sun shines in through your windows.


Go for Gold Faucets in the Kitchen

If you already have some gold in your kitchen and you're searching for other places that you can use this hue, your kitchen faucets are a great place to start. While it probably wouldn't make sense to use real gold for these features, it's easy to replicate the appearance of solid gold kitchen faucets while still maintaining the durability of the materials that craftsmen usually use to make these features. If you're still on the hunt for golden features after you install your faucets, keep in mind that golden drawer and cabinet handles are also unobtrusive enough not to be overwhelming but still impart a sense of glamour.

Using Gold Accents in Interior Design

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