Upgrades that Add Comfort and Style to Your Bathroom

Each of us has different priorities for upgrades to the bathroom, but there are a few things that everyone can enjoy. The choices below can provide comfort to your experience and add style to this important room. Adding all of them would be the epitome of luxury, but most of us can't afford the whole package. Take a look, and see which ones grab your attention!


Soaker Tub

The bathroom tub is one of the big favorites when it comes to upgrading. Most tubs are large enough to bathe in but not necessarily roomy enough to completely submerge yourself. Taking a long soak with fragrant bath salts can be a relaxing and stress-reducing experience with an extended-size soaker tub. It's a luxury that also adds a stylish touch to the bathroom. There are built-in and free-standing models in every shape and finish.


Whirlpool Tub

A jetted tub can also be a desirable option for soaking, and there are a host of different configurations for the water jets. Having hot water projected against your muscles and skin is a soothing experience that can ease sore muscles and improve blood circulation. Some people find the sound of the bubbling water relaxing, especially combined with the warmth and motion of the water.


Custom Shower Head

You can find shower heads with a range of capabilities, including those that forcefully push the water out to give you a massage experience in the shower. There are also the rain-type shower heads with large horizontal heads that send water straight down on you in a wide, gentle stream like rain. The ultimate experience is a multiple-head body shower setup that sprays you all over, and these work best in large, walk-in showers.


Shower Doors

Speaking of shower options, shower doors are another popular upgrade. They accommodate various water flow configurations better than showers with curtains, and they can add design elements to the bathroom. You can get them for tub showers and free-standing showers in chrome and stainless steel with a choice of sliding or hinged glass doors. Tempered glass gives a heavy, luxurious feel to shower doors, and the clear glass showcases your decorative shower tile.


Ceramic Tile

This upgrade is often requested because it's not only beautiful but practical, too. Ceramic tile will brighten up your bathroom, and it's easy to clean and maintain. A neutral color will make it easy to redecorate as often as you like, but there are also artistic features in ceramic tile like ombre, the subtle transition from a lighter to a darker shade of the same color. Ceramic tile that resembles stone is still in demand this year, along with varied tile sizes displayed together in a pattern.



The sink vanity is the largest piece in the room except for the bathtub, and it's often the focal point of the overall design. One of the most requested upgrades for bathroom vanities is the inclusion of two sinks. This is a great convenience for shared bathrooms. For a contemporary bathroom, a floating vanity reflects the sleek lines of the appliances in the room. In traditional décor, you can find vanities that look like solid pieces of furniture.


Custom Lighting

Light fixtures that provide the right amount of light and go well with the design of the bathroom are another sought-after feature in the bathroom. Recessed ceiling lights give a warm feel to the room, and lamps over the vanity mirror are a necessity for grooming. You can get fixtures in chrome, nickel and brass with everything from a bar shape to individual spotlights. A chandelier is a bold choice for 2018, especially over a free-standing tub.


Heated Floors

Floors that are warmed with radiant heat are welcome in any part of the house, but especially in the bathroom. The floor warms your feet and also helps to keep an even and warm temperature in the room. One reason it's a good choice in the bath is that radiant heat flooring works better without rugs covering it. It can be expensive to install, too, so adding it only in the bathrooms is a money-saver.

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