Ultra Violet - 2018 Pantone Color of The Year for Home Design

With all the interior design concepts out there, it's imperative to notice when something grabs the attention of the design community at large. Interior designers the world over flock to their various sources for the annual announcement of the Pantone Color of the Year for Home Design. Influencing style engineers across industries, from fashion to vehicles, the Pantone color of the year 2018, Ultra-Violet, has been making effervescent waves in many communities. Majestic and ethereal, this cosmic hue dominates the color palette- in all the best ways. Home design Pantone colors are the trend-setting epitome of glamor, class, and style!


Ultra-Violet Ideas:

I used to re-arrange my home at least twice a year. It helps to keep things fresh, fun, and interesting for the whole family and for guests. After just moving into a new home- a true blank slate- my husband and I were nearly overwhelmed by all the design choices available. When it's time to design- or re-design- your home, turning to the Pantone Color of the Year 2018 will point you in the direction of sleek, modern ideas. Bonus: While you can find plenty of gorgeous color choices for your bedroom, the home design Pantone colors of the year are embraced by so many, your choices in the most popular shades are virtually endless! Here are some inspiring design ideas for this year's color: Ultra-Violet.

Ultra Violet - 2018 Pantone Color of The Year for Home Design


Add a Stylish Rug

For a quick, easy pop of color, choosing the right rug for your floor can make all the difference. There are details to consider when choosing your rug. Of course, the first decision you'll need to make is color. Thankfully, you're already headed in the right direction, with Pantone's selection of Ultra-Violet hues. You'll also want to think about the optimal size and pattern for your rug. Smaller rooms, such as bathrooms, will be easily overwhelmed by large, patterned rugs and larger rooms will look sparsely decorated with a small, solid colored rug. Finding the right balance is the key here. There are quite a few living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling ideas out there, so look around and get inspired!


Lighten Up!

Lighting is always an important factor for any home design project. Strategic use of lamps and wall lights can set the mood for parties, romantic dinners, play-dates, and more! An easy way to subtly enhance the atmosphere of any room is to throw a (fireproof) material in your selected color over a lampshade or two. You can also look into tinted light bulbs and even create your own if you don't find the color you'd like (spray paint + light bulb. Use responsibly). It's important to remember, and can even play into your design idea, lighting will affect the color(s) of your walls (and possibly floors).


Painting Possibilities

To drastically alter the look of a room, choosing the right paint theme is essential. Again, as with rugs, smaller rooms will benefit from a more solid design, while larger rooms have the advantage of pulling off more intricate, detailed artful conceptions. Regardless of the overall theme you choose, keep in mind what your chosen color will look like under the room's lighting. Painting an entire room can be a big job. A lot of people choose to hire professionals. I, myself, enjoy hosting 'painting parties'. This is a great way to enjoy time with friends and family while inviting them to take part in making your house a home. Not only will you have a blast painting together, but it serves to bring people closer, too! Talk about a win-win!


Fun with Furniture

Any interior design expert worth their salt will tell you the age-old adage, "less is more". You'll want to keep this bit of advice in mind throughout your entire home design project. Unless you're going for the 'purple room' theme, having an overabundance of one shade can actually have an adverse effect on the rooms' aesthetics. A strategically placed, colorful chair or a loveseat, covered with an afghan that pops with your selected color, can make all the difference. Certainly, you can purchase new furniture to match your design idea, but it's not wholly necessary. There are many ways to alter the look of existing furniture, without breaking the bank. Even something as simple as changing the angle and placing a pillow or two can completely change a room's overall look.

Ultra Violet - 2018 Pantone Color of The Year for Home Design


Don't Knock the Knick-knacks

I am a collector. Not a hoarder- though my husband will beg to differ. I love tiny figurines, statues, and quirky rarities. I've dispersed my strange, little collection throughout the house, creating a continuing theme of odd, but fun. For people like me, who already have an over-abundance of decorative trinkets and other such items, the trick to tying the existing decor into their room design idea, is to utilize the spaces behind, above, under, and to the sides of the object(s). This can be as simple as laying down a colored runner on a shelf under the items. Alternatively, lighting can come into play here, as well. Adding some micro-LED lights in your selected shade can give your collection the perfect nuance to tie in with the rest of the rooms' design. If you don't already have a collection to display, consider finding some versatile decor that speaks to your personal style. One advantage to purchasing your decor is being able to keep your room's color theme in mind during the selection process. I do want to stress the need for versatility in your decor- unless your room design is 100% permanent, you might find yourself regretting a bolder purchase later on. When all is said and done, though, it's your home and it only truly matters how you feel about it.


If Walls Could Talk

Oh, but they can... A great design can, and will, get across whatever message you desire. Are you a learned-scholar? Display your certificates and degrees on the walls next to fully-stocked bookcases to create an intellectual feel. Perhaps, you want to convey a family-friendly atmosphere? Accenting your walls with your children's framed artwork alongside family photos and an attention-grabbing mirror or wall-quote will create an inviting aura for adults and children alike! Bookshelves usually rest against the wall, though, sometimes, they're attached to the wall, itself. If you don't already have a bookshelf and aren't intending to purchase one, there is always the DIY option. It can even be fun, learning how to make bookshelves! There really is no end to the different ways to present your room utilizing its wall-space. Let your imagination and your 'designer's intuition' guide you, and remember to keep your room's color theme in mind throughout the entire design process. When all else fails- look to the pros for help!


A Professional's Perspective:

Many Interior Designers offer advice online for those who are attempting their own design projects. All across the web, you can find articles and videos, on various subjects, all related to the intricate art of interior design. If you find yourself struggling with any aspect of your project, don't hesitate to search for the answer you need online. Many times, just looking at a professional's photos can be enough to make something 'click' in your design idea. Some designers offer free consultations, and others still, give step-by-step processes for those stubborn DIY-ers. There are options upon options available, and, especially when keeping your design ideas in-tune with the current trends and styles, your available decor choices sky-rocket. There are a few helpful articles, with general and specific design information, to get you started.


Aesthetic Assistance:

  1. You might find yourself only wanting to add or change one or two major elements to your room of choice. You can do this with furniture or even the perfect rug. There are tons of great tips on decorating with area rugs, for those considering that route.

decorating with area rugs18 wall decor ideas that are anything but boring2018 Pantone Color of the Year

  1. To make your walls talk, shout, or sing there are some fabulous ideas all across the web. You can find endless project ideas online from others' previously compiled lists, like 18 wall decor ideas that are anything but boring. Even if you don't use a specific design, you can easily integrate different aspects to create a fully formed design plan.
  2. Whether you're following the latest, jaw-dropping trends from the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year, or following a different path, there are tons of ways to utilize your space. The strategic use of knick-knacks, novelty items, and other decorations will help to evoke the rooms' aura- whatever that may be.

Purple has been a revered color for eons, and a unique combination of blue's tranquil shades and red's fiery hues have given us the gift of the Pantone color of the year 2018- Ultra-Violet. Not only do the Pantone home design colors set the pace for the year to come's interior design concepts, but it also provides you with the ability to create and follow a comprehensive design plan. Dive in with both eyes open and embrace your inner designer!



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