Turn Your Bathroom into a Luxury Hotel Retreat

After you’ve spent some time at your favorite luxury retreat, coming home to your drab bathroom can be a little bit disappointing. With the right materials and a little bit of ingenuity, however, it’s easy to transform your unimpressive bathroom into a five-star masterpiece that will have your friends and family oozing with envy. Check out our top tips for bringing the luxury lifestyle home to roost in your bathroom.

1. Invest in Your Towels

Towels are easy to overlook, but the quality of your towels makes an enormous difference in the overall allure of your bathroom. Investing in some high-quality towels can do wonders in your efforts to make your bathroom look like it belongs in your favorite upscale hotel.

Remember that little details like heated towel rails can totally transform your experience of stepping out of the shower every morning. If you want to truly emulate the five-star resort experience, invest in some Egyptian or Pima cotton towels. These extra-long staple (ELS) cotton varieties feel better and last longer than normal cotton.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Luxury Hotel Retreat


2. Improve Your Lighting

Lighting is everything in your bathroom. Without proper lighting, even the most beautifully decorated bathroom will look boring, but if you take care to deploy the right kinds of lighting, your bathroom will shine like the sun.

There are a few perfect areas for light fixtures in your bathroom that you might overlook. For instance, try placing some LEDs behind your mirror. While these lights will be obscured from sight, they’ll produce a diffuse glow that will bathe your bathroom in luminescence. You can also try deploying some lights on top of your cabinets to shine down diffuse light from on high.

3. Introduce Some Plants

Almost every luxury hotel bathroom features at least one plant. Plants in bathrooms reduce odors and clean the air, and they also fill your bathroom with elevated levels of oxygen, which improves your health and well-being.

Plus, plants just look good. Bathrooms tend to err on the side of the utilitarian when it comes to décor, and plants can lend a soft touch to your bathroom while maintaining the modern or contemporary aesthetic that makes your grooming area look so upscale and luxurious.

4. Install Marble Everywhere

Nothing screams “luxury” like marble. Most homeowners think that marble is only fit for vanity countertops and flooring, but you can put this beautiful type of stone practically anywhere in your bathroom. Marble looks great on walls, and you can even line your tub stand with this high-quality stone.

There are tons of distinct kinds of marble, so you should carefully weigh your options before moving forward. Some types of marble are practically pure white, which means that they’d go great with a minimalistic theme. Other types of marble feature both white and black veins, and you can even find marble in surprising colors like blue, green, and pink.

5. Replace Your Shower

Have you heard of frameless showers? There’s a good reason they’re all the rage; frameless showers look amazing, and they can make your bathroom look bigger without having to resort to major renovations.

The best way to exploit the beauty of frameless shower panels and doors is by constructing a shower room. Shower rooms are the biggest types of walk-in showers you can have, and they provide space to deploy all sorts of amazing shower accessories.

For instance, you might want to try installing a rainfall showerhead. These showerheads go in the ceiling, and they replicate the feeling of being caught in a sudden Hawaiian rainstorm. With all the space you’ll enjoy in your shower room, you might as well install showerheads on each wall to maximize your daily grooming experience.

6. Arrange Some Aromas

An array of aromas meets your nose the moment that you walk into a classy spa environment. If you have any tacky or toxic air fresheners in your bathroom, toss them out and get onboard with the aromatherapy trend that’s sweeping luxury hotels and spas around the world.

Essential oil diffusers continuously release good smells into your environment, and nice-smelling soaps, lotions, and shampoos are absolutely necessary in your new luxury bathroom. As a finishing touch, don’t forget the candles; no bathroom is complete without a few scented candles, and having variety will give your guests opportunities to choose their favorite aromas.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Luxury Hotel Retreat


7. Use Innovative Ventilation

When you step into a bathroom at a luxury hotel, you feel like you never want to leave. In hot weather, however, staying in a bathroom for too long can feel like a death sentence.

You can make your bathroom more hospitable by improving its ventilation. Adding more bathroom fans or replacing your existing fans will pump stale, steamy air out while pumping cool, dry air back into your bathroom.

If your bathroom is relatively large, you may need two or even three fans to ventilate it properly. On the other hand, you might be able to improve the air quality in your bathroom just by ditching your outdated fan and replacing it with a more powerful and efficient new model.

8. Set up Some Luxurious Accessories

One of the best things about getting clean at a luxurious hotel is stepping out of the shower or bath and finding tons of comfortable accessories. If you’ve been neglecting your comfort in your own bathroom, now is the time to make a change.

Invest in some high-quality cotton bathrobes for starters. Get a lightweight robe for the summer and a thick robe for the winter; during the warm months, you’ll love slipping into a fresh robe after your shower and stepping onto the balcony to feel the refreshing breeze on your face, and during the winter, you’ll luxuriate in the feeling of sinking into your cushy robe and sitting by the fire with a hot cup of coffee. If you don’t already have one, get a towel specifically for your hair, and having a few microfiber face cloths on hand is never a bad idea either.

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