Tropical Bathroom Designs for 2019

There’s nothing more relaxing than doing your morning grooming in a bathroom that looks like it was transported from the South Pacific. Whether or not you actually live in the tropics, it’s easy to feel a balmy sea breeze on your face when you incorporate tropical elements into your bathroom decor. This year, a number of tropical design elements will come back into style, so prepare yourself for the trends of 2019 with this simple guide.

Bring the Outside In

One aspect of tropical decor that will always be in style is its celebration of the outdoors. Every tropical bathroom worth its salt will try to be as exposed to the outside world as possible without making things uncomfortable; full-length windows and strategically placed houseplants are both integral aspects of this decor style.

To evoke this effect to its fullest extent possible, try deploying some sliding glass doors in your bathroom that open out onto a small garden. Whatever you do, attempt to eliminate the barrier between your bathroom and its surroundings in any way that you can without compromising on privacy.

Tropical Bathroom Designs for 2019

Bring the Inside Out

Before we can continue, it’s important to point out that this tropical bathroom design doesn’t work unless you live in a place where the temperature never drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. That said, this design is about as tropical as you can get short of living on your very own jungle island.

To pull off a truly tropical bathroom, you’ll need to put your shower outside. Before you balk at this idea, keep in mind that the types of showers we’re talking about are far from the rinky-dink solar showers used by camping enthusiasts or the cold showers you might have hated at summer camp. These shower designs are just as luxurious as those you’d find inside of a penthouse apartment; they’re just technically located outside of your bathroom.

Once you try one of these outdoor showers, you’ll understand the appeal. Nothing’s quite as refreshing as taking your morning shower while being caressed by sea breezes as palm fronds dance over your head.

Most tropical bathroom designs that incorporate outdoor showers also include roofs over these bathing areas, which means that you’ll be protected from rain and falling coconuts while you get clean. If you’re concerned about hurricanes or monsoon season, just build another shower inside your bathroom that you can use when the weather isn’t at its finest.

Tropical Bathroom Designs for 2019

Make It Bright and Beautiful

Whichever tropical bathroom design you end up manifesting as your own, make sure to use plenty of brightly colored materials and pieces of furniture. There’s quite a wide spectrum of tropical bathroom designs ranging between those that evoke the aesthetic of a kitschy surf shop and those that would make a sophisticated Palm Beach billionaire feel at home, so feel free to experiment with the degree to which you want to incorporate bright pastels and neon shades into your new bathroom.

Unless you’re going for a purely modernist bathroom design, don’t hesitate to include plenty of accessories n your tropical bathroom. While seashells are the obvious choice, you can also try hanging a tiled turtle mosaic over your toilet or deploying a tribal wall hanging next to your sink.

Tropical Bathroom Designs for 2019

Keep It Light and Simple with Plenty of Coral

If a brightly colored bathroom isn’t right for you, it’s possible to take a different approach and make your preening area as white as beach sand. Try placing a freestanding porcelain tub in the middle of a bathroom that’s surrounded by a vanity with a plush leather bench, a frameless shower enclosure, and plenty of mirrors to help your beach-loving side and your inner neat freak see eye to eye.

If you aren’t afraid to drop a significant amount of cash in your quest to accessorize, try placing large chunks of coral throughout your bathroom. You can accentuate the white spaces in your bathroom with colorful coral, but you can also keep things minimalist with tall and purely white stalks of this natural sea substance.

Use Lots of Bamboo

There’s something about bamboo that evokes the tropical lifestyle better than practically any other material. Whether you use a bamboo toilet seat cover or put your toothbrushes in a bamboo cup next to your sink, this natural wood helps to offset the bright colors and gleaming surfaces that are common elements of tropical decor.

One of the best ways to deploy bamboo in your tropical bathroom is in the form of blinds. It’s great to bring the outside into your beautiful renovated bathroom, but there may be times where you prefer privacy over communing with nature; blinds made from bamboo don’t detract from the natural allure of your bathroom, but they do repel prying eyes with ease.

Don’t Forget to Incorporate Plenty of Blue

Depending on the type of tropical bathroom that you want to design, your plans might already include a lot of blue. Some tropical bathroom designs seem to use parrot plumage as a guide; it’s common to see electric splashes of blue, pink, green, and orange used so freely throughout a tropical bathroom that you’d think you walked into a cone of fruit sorbet whenever you need to wash up.

If your bathroom design is relatively minimal, however, it might be the right call to accentuate your white walls with a little bit of blue. When deploying this particular shade, there are two main directions you can go; some interior designers might think that mixtures of navy and royal blue look the best in tropical bathrooms, but you might find that lighter shades of blue look better in your bathroom.

Robin’s egg blue walls might look just right behind your luxurious soaker, and you might want to use blue tile to line the edge of your tub. Light blue stone is also a great material for drawer handles.

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