Tiny Homes with Oversized Bathrooms

Tiny Homes with Oversized Bathrooms

 The tiny house craze has expanded to the point that many people are calling it a movement. A significant number of those who are downsizing into a modular home on wheels are doing so in order to lessen their carbon footprint on the earth. Recycled lumber and fixtures fit right in with sustainability and organic food. It's a holistic approach to living that's the opposite of a consumer society that insists bigger is better.

 However, one thing you can regret losing when shrinking your lifestyle is the roomy luxury of a large bathroom. Most people think of small bathroom spaces that have just enough room for one person as something you'd find on a boat or motorhome, but not in your day-to-day living space. There are ways to incorporate a large bathroom into your tiny home, though, and even more ways to lend it an extra spaciousness.


 The Generous Tiny Home Bath

 One thing that helps you set aside a sufficient amount of square-footage for a large bath in a tiny home is the openness of the rest of the dwelling. The kitchen, eating area and living space merge into one another. This lack of dividing walls gives you the opportunity to use the available space for all three functions, depending on what you're doing at the time.


 Double-Duty Bathroom Features

 Some tiny homes set aside a full third of the main floor for the bathroom. This works out well if you combine the bath with other features, like the washer and dryer. For instance, placing a combination washer/dryer next to the bathroom sink allows you to create a large bathroom counter space that covers both. Adding a sturdy fitted cover to the tub gives you a seating area that doubles as a laundry-folding counter. This tiny home even places the dwelling's wood-burning stove in the oversized bathroom.


 Spacious Design Elements

 One of the first things you can do to make any tiny bathroom feel larger is to choose a color palette that's light and reflective. An off-white semi-gloss paint on everything opens up a small space beautifully. Open shelves expand the room outward and, if you're hesitant to have all of your toiletries out in the open, decorative baskets are a stylish touch.


 Strategic use of mirrors also makes a room seem larger than it is. A mirror across from the window will reflect available sunlight, and a mirrored wall can make a stunning difference. A key design element that keeps your small bathroom from feeling cramped is a clear shower door instead of a shower curtain. Curved styles interfere less with the flow of the room and can be beautiful in their own right.


 Architectural Components

 You may have noticed that most tiny homes have the bathroom located at the end of the dwelling. This is one way to give the room as much space as possible since it's not a pass-through area and only needs one door. A pocket door for the bath will disappear into the wall, allowing you to keep the space open and add length and airiness to the main floor of your home.


 A bath designed so that the most attractive features of the room are visible through pocket or accordion-style doors can add charm and character to your home. The generous bathroom will add to the continuous flow of space from one end of the downstairs to the other. If you live in a tiny home, one or two luxury features can make the place feel like a palace. In the bathroom, this could be a small whirlpool tub, large shower or just plenty of space.


 This tiny home uses some of the ideas we've mentioned such as a light color for the walls and floor. The luxury factor kicks in with the marble tile shower interior, and the large shower has a modular tub that can be removed and stored when not in use. Surprisingly, the bathroom door with stained glass inserts disappears into the wall as a pocket door. Decorative lighting over the sink is in the same style as the art glass in the door.


 Tiny Home, Big Bathroom

 As you can see, there are many ways to enjoy a large, luxurious bathroom in a tiny house without taking space away from the living area. Multiple uses of the same space, clever design elements and architectural features give you the most for the space available. A tiny home bathroom doesn't have to be utilitarian but can be a beautiful addition to your home's decor.


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