The Incredible Space-Saving Loft Bed

The Incredible Space-Saving Loft Bed

 If you're looking for extra space in your bedroom, installing a loft bed is one intriguing way to get it. Kids especially love the loft bed concept because there are a million ways to configure the bed. There's nothing more fun and exciting than having a pirate fort or fairy castle in your own room! Loft beds can offer needed storage, and they're handy for giving a bedroom extra function as a study space or playroom. Here are some of the ways to incorporate a loft bed into your home.


 Small Kids

 It can be a lot of fun for kids to help design their own loft beds. For a small child, a mini-loft bed can be created that has only a few steps up. Underneath, you have a choice of adding drawers or cabinets for extra clothing and toys. A built-in bookshelf at the foot of the bed makes it a cozy reading nook that encourages your child to read.

The Incredible Space-Saving Loft Bed


 Younger children love playing in forts, and a medium-height loft bed gives you and your child a blank canvas for converting the space beneath into a private play space. Depending on the day and their imagination, a child can use it as a spaceship or a hidden cave. It's easy to hang curtains from the bed rail to create this kind of imaginative play place.


 Older Children

 For older children, adding a loft bed is the classic way to create an enclosed study area. Everything can be at your child's fingertips in a compact study nook, from the computer desk to the bookshelf. And the loft bed/study spot setup leaves space in the rest of the room for toys and hobbies, or maybe even a bean bag chair.


 Older kids like theme bedrooms, too, and the possibilities here are endless. A loft bed gives each child the space and the creative license to design a room that reflects their own personality. Choosing the paint color and embellishments for a room inspired by a loft bed gives them a sense of ownership, and that's important to children, especially as they enter the teen years.


 Tiny Homes

 The movement to get rid of extra space along with the chores and expense of maintaining a larger home is growing. Almost all tiny homes have a loft or two, and when the footprint of your entire home measures 320 square feet, you pretty much have to. In this case, the loft is already there, and finding the right bed for it is the challenge. Usually, there's a larger sleeping loft and a smaller one for storage. In the bedroom loft, a low platform bed will keep the area neat and defined. A mattress on the floor will also work, but it's harder to make the bed up, and it's not as comfortable as sleeping on a real bed.

The Incredible Space-Saving Loft Bed


 Small Bedrooms

 The problem with very small bedrooms is that, once you've added a bed and dresser, and maybe one nightstand, there's barely enough room to move around. A loft bed expands the available space, allowing enough room for a desk and chair, vanity table or just extra storage. Assembly of a high-rise platform bunk can be easy as long as you have instructions and the right tools. This is one do-it-yourself project that gives immediate benefits. Kits are available online with all the pieces and hardware in one package.


 College Dorms

 This is the classic place for installing a loft bed since it's usually a small bedroom in the first place, and it also has to be shared by two people. One configuration that works well is to install a loft bed on each side of the room. This leaves the entire ground floor open, giving students almost twice the available space. Desks and drawers can be strategically placed so that each student has their own personal study space and room for storage. For added privacy, a twin bed popup tent can make each bed into a separate cubicle.


 Loft Bed Versatility

 If you really want to have a place for overnight guests to sleep, but a home office is also a vital requirement, the loft bed idea can help. Simply adding a loft against one wall can give you an additional place for sleeping along with valuable extra storage. The space beneath a double-bed-sized loft is a great spot for the office sofa and two end tables. It gives the sitting area its own cozy nook and adds character to your home office. And you can add storage shelves or cabinets at each end of the loft bed above. Another versatile use of space is creating your dream closet below a queen-sized loft bed. There are lots of possibilities!


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