Smart Small Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom is small, and you want to give it a facelift and open it up a bit. So, what are the best techniques for making a small bathroom look and feel larger? Well, there are actual space-savers, like replacing a bathroom vanity with a pedestal sink or replacing bulky storage with tall, streamlined towers. But there are also a number of things you can do to add a feeling of light and spaciousness to a small bathroom. We've collected some ideas for you here. Happy decorating!


Bathroom Sink

A real space-saver is replacing a cabinet-style bathroom sink with a pedestal sink. It will take up much less room, and the sleek design is a style enhancement. If you're going for a post-modern, cutting-edge look, a geometrically patterned sink will fit right in. And if you're set on refurbishing the bath with a beautiful glass bowl design for the sink, those come in pedestal form as well as vanity-style.



Removing hampers or shelving that clutter up the bath will also give you more space, but you don't have to do without storage. There are many above-the-toilet cabinet options that give you the space to store toiletries and towels while also adding charm and appeal to the overall look of the room.


Paint Versus Wallpaper

In a small bathroom, there are very few wallpaper designs that don't crowd the room. It's best to choose a fresh, light pastel color to decorate the walls. This should act as a backdrop for the rest of the design features of the room. White, eggshell and beige are fine, but you don't have to be limited to those colors. Any light pastel shade that sets off the rest of the décor will work.


Lighting and Mirrors

Adding strategic lighting is a great way to increase the spacious feel of a small bath. If you coordinate it with a decorative mirror or a mirrored wall, it's amazing how much it can open up the bathroom. A mirror that faces the window will reflect sunlight and bring the outdoors into your small bathroom.


Window Treatments

Since you're trying to expand the spaciousness of the room, don't cover up the window. Not only do you need the light from it, but you can build upon the overall décor of your bathroom by adding minimal window accents. If privacy is an issue, a sheer window shade will allow light into the room while shielding it from outside view.


Glass Shower Doors

This is one of the top suggestions, along with a mirrored wall, to fool the eye into thinking the bathroom is much bigger than it is. Replacing the shower curtain and rod with stylish glass shower doors adds that space to the rest of the room. Doors are also easier to clean than a shower curtain and liner, and they let more light into the shower for bathing.


Sink and Bath Faucets

Metal fixtures are elements that help you tie everything together in the bath. For example, if you pick out brushed nickel as the finish for your new shower doors, replace the sink and tub faucets with the same material. You can find many types of finishes and styles, including single and double-handled and unique waterfall style faucets.


Towel Racks

Here's another style element that you'll want to coordinate with the other hardware in the room. You'll find a wealth of choices in single and double-bar towel holders, along with bathroom tissue holders and hooks to match. In a small bathroom, you might want to limit it to one towel bar for the room.


You'll Be Amazed at the Difference

Just using these few tips, you can completely transform a small bathroom into a showplace that feels much more spacious than it really is. Letting in the light and reflecting it with mirrors, opening up the tub or shower with a glass door, and finding the right paint shade can give your small bath an incredible boost. If you add space-saving measures like a pedestal sink and over-the-toilet storage, the results can be incredible!

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