Shower Doors Prices

How much do shower doors really cost? If you're planning on installing a new shower door in your bathroom, you'll need to know everything you can about the potential costs involved in this venture before you begin. In this guide, we'll inform you about the details associated with installing a new shower door whether or not you pick out new shower panels to match.


What Factors Affect Shower Door Prices?

A number of factors can affect the cost of installing a new shower door in your home. For instance, the size and style of your shower can impact the amount you'll pay to install a new door, and the type of glass you choose to frame your shower can also affect costs.

One of the most important factors to consider as you price out various shower door options is whether or not you want to install your shower door yourself. We'll flesh out the various factors that affect shower door prices as we go on.


Framed vs. Frameless Shower Door Prices

In general, frameless shower doors cost $200-500 more than framed shower doors. Many consumers prefer the appearance of frameless shower doors to framed shower doors, but it's important to understand this price discrepancy before you proceed.

It's possible to save money on your frameless shower door by installing it yourself, but these doors are more delicate than it seems. While the tempered glass from which shower doors are made is extremely resistant to straight-on impacts, it is highly susceptible to edge-on impacts, which means that if you happen to drop your frameless shower door while you're installing it, it may shatter.

Shower Doors Prices

On average, it costs about $1,000 to install a frameless shower door, but it can cost as little as $500 to install a traditional framed shower door. For both types of doors, installation generally costs about $300, which means that it's possible to find a framed shower door for as little as $100-200 or a frameless shower door for about $400-$600.

Shower Doors Prices


Factoring in Bathroom Modifications

Your shower door will cost more if you need to modify parts of your bathroom to admit your door. For instance, if you're directly replacing your existing shower door with a new model that has the exact same dimensions as the existing door, you won't need to pay an installation crew extra to modify your bathroom.

However, if you're installing a shower door on a bathtub or engaging in any other type of installation other than a direct replacement installation, it's likely that you'll need to pay extra to remove or add drywall, lay tile, or perform any number of other installation services.

It goes without saying that installing your new shower door will cost more if you need other work done as well. For instance, if you need to install new shower panels, a shower base, or any other shower features, your installation and parts costs will increase dramatically.


Installation Options

As we mentioned earlier, installing your shower door yourself costs less, but taking this path involves inherent risks. A number of other factors can also influence the cost to install your shower door:


  • Location of the shower: If your shower is located on the ground floor of your house or apartment building, installation is generally inexpensive. However, your installation crew will need to carry your shower door and any other installation materials to the location where they will be installing your shower, which means that if your bathroom is on the second or third floor, you'll pay more for installation.


  • Shower door panel thickness: For framed shower doors, 1/2-inch tempered glass is standard. However, frameless shower doors are usually made with 3/8-inch tempered glass, which is slightly thinner than 1/2-inch glass. Even though they are thinner, 3/8-inch frameless glass doors cost more than their framed equivalents, and you'll want to keep the weight discrepancies between these two types of shower doors in mind if you'll be installing your doors yourself.


  • Shower design: Some shower designs are easier to work with than others when it comes to door installation. For instance, if you have a simple closet-style shower with hinges that connect directly to the wall, installing a shower door is relatively easy. However, if you have a frameless shower room with a corner door, installing your shower door will take more time, and it will cost more money.


Maintaining Your Shower Door

The price to install a shower door increases exponentially if you have to replace your new shower door almost immediately after you buy it. To keep your shower door costs down, follow these simple tips for maintaining the new door to your shower:


  1. Keep a squeegee on hand: You should squeegee the excess water off of your shower door every time you take a shower. Keep a squeegee on a hook inside the door of your shower.


  1. Deep clean with vinegar: You can always use glass cleaner for your shower door cleaning needs, but basic white vinegar is better for you and for the environment. Use a spray bottle to cover your shower door with water, then squeegee it off. Rinse with water to finish the deep cleaning process.


  1. Watch out for cracks: If your shower door becomes cracked, it can shatter. Not only will replacing your broken shower door set you back considerably, but shattered tempered glass can present a serious safety hazard.


How to Find the Cheapest Shower Doors

If you want to save money on your shower door, your only option is to shop around. Some manufacturers of shower doors charge lower prices than others, and certain shower door installation companies may be able to cut you a deal if you purchase a shower door from them and allow them to install it.

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