Shower Doors: How to Pick the Correct Ones

It's common sense that you'll need a door on your shower to keep the water from getting out, but picking the right type of shower door can be a struggle. However, if you know everything that there is to know about all of the different types of shower doors that are on the market, it becomes easy to find the right type of door for your particular shower. In this guide, we'll acquaint you with all of the different options that you have at your disposal when it comes time to pick a door for your new shower enclosure.


Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless showers are all the rage right now, and it's easy to understand why. These shower enclosures are completely seamless, which means that if your glass shower walls are clear enough, it's almost impossible to see where your shower ends and your bathroom begins. This perfectly transparent effect is ruined, however, if you don't have a frameless shower door to match your shower, and there are doors available whether your frameless shower is perfectly square or equipped with interesting angles.

Shower Doors: How to Pick the Correct Ones


Semi-Frameless Shower Doors

While everyone loves the look of a fully frameless shower, these types of shower enclosures are also pretty expensive. If you want your shower to look as frameless as possible without breaking the bank, you might want to try a semi-frameless model. In most cases, these types of shower doors only have frames on the top and bottom, and these frames are often partially disguised by the hinge mechanism.


Framed Shower Doors

Some shower doors, on the other hand, have frames all the way around. These types of shower doors are undeniably cheaper, but they might also fit in better if you already have a particular decor style in your bathroom. If you have black towel racks and faucets, for instance, a black framed shower door might be perfect, but you might also want to choose a shower door with a brass frame if you have a lot of this glittering metal in your bathroom.


Tub Enclosures

If you're tired of shower curtains but you don't want to give up your tub, you might want to invest in a shower enclosure for your tub. These enclosures start at the top of the tub and go up to the usual height of a shower door, and they can even wrap all the way around your tub if it is freestanding in the middle of your bathroom. Most of these bath enclosures feature sliding doors, but some might incorporate bi-fold doors.


Sliding Shower Doors

Some types of shower doors slide back and forth. These shower doors are perfect if you have a bathroom where there isn't a lot of room to move around, and they also provide a minimalist aesthetic that might look right at home surrounded by modern decor. While it might seem like the slide mechanism for these types of doors would only work with showers that have flat walls, it's even possible to use sliding shower doors with shower enclosures that have curved walls.


Pivot Shower Doors

Other types of shower doors are on pivots, which mean that they pull out into your bathroom when it's time to enter or exit your shower. While these types of shower doors might be aesthetically appealing, they take up quite a bit of room, and they might get in the way if you have a small bathroom. In addition, some models of pivot shower doors can drip water on the ground when you open them, which means that they only work when you pair them with types of flooring that are meant to get wet.


Bi-Fold Shower Doors

These types of shower doors have hinges straight through the middle, and they are made from two separate glass panels. When you push from one end of a bi-fold shower door, it bends in the middle. Bi-fold shower doors are excellent for space-restrictive bathrooms.


Steam Shower Doors 

While most shower doors stop somewhere short of the ceiling, steam shower doors go all the way from the bottom to the top of your bathroom to create a steam-proof seal. This type of shower door protects the features in your bathroom from damage, but, more importantly, it also makes your shower double as a steam room.


Clear Glass Shower Doors

Some types of shower doors are made from clear glass, which leads to a roomy, open look in your bathroom. However, these types of shower doors don't provide any privacy, and if they get covered with even a little bit of grime, it's there for everyone to see. Therefore, you'll need to clean your shower door with a squeegee every time you use the shower if you select clear glass for your door.


Textured Glass Shower Doors

While you should still be careful to diligently clean a textured glass shower door, it won't be as much of an issue if a shower door with textured glass becomes dirty. Plus, these types of shower doors provide a significant degree of privacy, and you can often purchase doors that are textured with inventive designs and shapes. Since textured glass shower doors obscure the view outside of your shower, they can create a restful bathing vibe.

Shower Doors: How to Pick the Correct Ones


Stationary Glass Panels

While these panels aren't quite shower doors, they provide the same general effect. They are usually used in shower rooms, which are parts of your bathroom that you cordon off from the shower, and these panels keep water from escaping your shower room into other areas of your bathroom.

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