Shower Doors for Bathtubs

If you have a tub in your bathroom, you might think that your only option is to use a shower curtain around your bathtub to keep water from getting on the floor. However, it's also possible to install a shower door on the edge of your tub to gain all the benefits of a glass shower enclosure while still being able to take a bath. Learn more about this intriguing way to blend the best of both worlds in your bathroom.


What Are the Benefits of Shower Doors for Bathtubs?

One of the primary benefits of installing a shower door on your bathtub is that these types of shower enclosures are practically leak-proof. When you use a shower curtain around your bathtub, spilling some amount of water on the floor is inevitable, but since shower doors don't leave any openings to the area outside of your shower, they keep the water you use when you bathe where it's supposed to be.

In addition, shower doors require less maintenance than shower curtains. While some types of shower curtains are designed to be reused and can go in your washing machine, even the best inner shower curtains show signs of mold or mildew after a while, and these stains can be practically impossible to remove.

If you're tired of using disposable shower curtains and you're sick of trying to get mildew stains out of reusable inner shower curtains, you'll love the fact that the only type of maintenance you need to perform on a shower door involves a squeegee. If a bunch of grime or mildew starts to build up on your shower door, you might need to use vinegar or a glass cleaner to get it off, but if you use your squeegee every time you shower, your shower door will stay clean and viable for years or even decades.

Shower Doors for Bathtubs


Types of Bathtub Shower Doors

There are a few different types of doors that you can use with your bathtub:


Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are the most common types of shower doors for bathtubs. These doors are set on tracks that are installed on the edges of bathtubs, and they are easy to slide back and forth from either direction. This design makes it possible to enter your bathtub from either side. In most cases, these types of doors go up to about head height, but some sliding shower doors may go almost all the way to the ceiling.


Hinged Doors

Hinged doors are most commonly found on small shower stalls, but you might want to use this type of door on your bathtub if you have plenty of room in your bathroom. They move on hinges that are attached to the wall next to your tub, which means that hinged doors extend their entire length into your bathroom when they are opened all the way.


Folding Doors

These types of doors open in an accordion style. They are made out of two or three thin panels on tracks, and there are hinges between each panel. These types of doors take up very little space, but they are more prone to mechanical breakdown because they have so many moving parts.


Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are commonly used on bathtubs. These types of shower doors are similar to hinged doors, but instead of opening from the very edge of the bathtub, they are mounted on pivots located about a quarter of the way into the body of the door. Because of this design, pivot doors don't take up very much space, but they also leave smaller openings to enter and exit your bathtub.


Bathtub Shower Door Installation Costs

In general, it costs about $300 to install a new shower door on your bathtub. However, a variety of factors can affect this price.

For instance, certain companies may charge more for installation than others. In some cases, this increased cost may be due to better experience, tools, or skills, but beware of companies that prey on a lack of consumer knowledge.

Certain types of tubs require more advanced installation techniques than others. For instance, if the edge of your tub is straight, installing your new shower door should be relatively inexpensive. If it is curved, however, your installation costs will increase substantially.

In addition, if you want to add glass panels to your tub anywhere other than the door, you'll need to pay more. It's easiest to install a glass shower door on a bathtub that is enclosed on three sides by tiled walls, but if any extra walls around your bathtub are exposed, your costs will increase.

Shower doors are heavy, and they are hard to carry. If your bathroom is located anywhere other than the ground floor, installers will generally charge more to install your glass shower door.

Of course, the most cost-efficient way to install your new shower door is to do it yourself. However, since shower doors are heavy and hard to handle, you run the risk of damaging your door if you try to carry and install it without help. Therefore, it's probably better to pay for experts to install your shower door.

Shower Doors for Bathtubs


Shower Doors for Bathtubs: The Bottom Line

Glass shower doors look elegant, and they are more hygienic than shower curtains. There are plenty of different types of shower doors to choose from for your bathtub, and out of the various options, you'll be able to find a door that works for your purposes. However, just keep in mind that since these doors are made from glass, you need to treat them gently.


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