Shower Door Installation Costs

Whether you're installing a new shower door in your bathroom by necessity or as an aesthetic upgrade, it's important to be briefed on the costs associated with this venture before you set out. A number of different factors can affect the cost of installing your shower door, and you may be able to save some money if you follow a few simple tips. In this guide, we'll acquaint you with the basics of determining how much it will cost to install your shower door and help you make this process as cheap and easy as possible.


What Factors Affect the Price of Shower Door Installation?

No two shower door installation jobs are the same. Before you call someone to help you install your shower door or get started on the process yourself, you'll need to be aware of the different factors that can either raise or lower the cost of installing a new door on your shower.

First, you'll need to determine whether or not a new shower door is truly all you need. Depending on your circumstances, it may also be necessary to install a new shower base or shower panels. Before you go any further, measure the space you have available in your bathroom, and make sure that you've accounted for all of the other variables that can affect the price of your shower door installation.

 Shower Door Installation Costs


Types of Shower Doors

The type of shower door you choose will have a big impact on the total price you pay to have your new door installed. Here are some examples of the types of shower doors that are on the market and their average costs:

Shower Door Installation Costs


Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are very common types of shower doors, and they are usually relatively inexpensive to install. They connect with very simple mechanisms, and which means that installing these doors is easy. An average pivot shower door costs about $300, and you'll pay another $200-300 to install this type of shower door.


Hinged Doors

Hinged shower doors cost about as much as pivot doors, but they connect to the wall with hinges while pivot doors pivot around a central pole. These types of shower doors require slightly more clearance in your bathroom.


Sliding Doors

Sliding shower doors are extremely popular, but they are also among the most expensive shower door options. These types of shower doors are installed on a bottom and a top track, and they slide back and forth across a panel to open and shut.

Some types of sliding shower doors, however, open from both sides, which means that you'll essentially need to pay for two doors. The installation process for sliding shower doors is also relatively tedious, which means that the final cost to install a sliding shower door may be in excess of $1,000.


Accordion Doors

These types of shower doors are also mounted on tracks, but they are slightly less expensive than sliding shower doors. Instead of sliding across a panel, accordion doors fold up, and they consist of two or three panels that are connected to each other on hinges.

Since you only need to install these types of shower doors on one side of your shower, installation costs are reduced for accordion doors. The average accordion shower door costs about $400-$500, and installation costs approximately $300.


Framed vs. Frameless

Whichever style of shower door you choose, your new door will be either framed or frameless. Framed shower doors have metal frames running along each side, and these types of shower doors are relatively inexpensive.

Frameless shower doors, however, have recently skyrocketed in popularity, and these types of shower doors have an undeniable aesthetic appeal. However, you'll pay more if you choose to go frameless with your new shower door.


Location and Type of Shower

The area where your shower is located will also impact the overall cost of installing your shower door. If your shower is in an area that's easy to access, installation costs will be minimal, but if it is on the second or third story of your house, installers will charge more to install your shower door.

Another factor that will affect your installation costs is the type of shower you have. It's less expensive, for instance, to install a shower door on a stall shower than it is on a wider shower, and installing a door on a shower room is even more expensive. However, installing a shower door on a bathtub is the most expensive option.


Other Installation Variables

The type of glass that is used in your shower door also affects the overall price to install a new door on your shower. Thicker glass costs more, and if your chosen glass has any special coatings, it is even more expensive.

In addition, prices vary from company to company. Instead of going with the first installation company that you come across, reach out to a few different companies before you make a decision. If you get quotes from each company that you call, you can leverage these quoted prices against the price that a particular installation company is asking.


How Do You Save Money on Shower Door Installation?

The best way to save money on installing a new shower door is to install your shower door yourself. However, this process is difficult and inherently risky, which means that you might want to call the professionals if you're worried about being able to carry your shower door upstairs without breaking it.

You can also save money on your shower door installation by choosing a cheaper type of shower door. In general, hinge and pivot doors are the least expensive options you can choose from, and you might be able to save even more money by purchasing your shower door from a reclaimed furniture warehouse.

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