Selecting the Right Tub for a Small Bathroom

The problem with a small bathroom is usually that you’re trying to fit too many things into that space. Utilities and essential bathroom items, such as a vanity, shower, and sink, simply cannot be compromised on. At the same time, a standard bath tub installed into a bathroom can mean the difference between practicality and pampering. The touch of luxury and relaxation that can come from a warm, soothing bath in your bath tub cannot be found it too many other places. However, you do not want the bath tub to make your bathroom appear cluttered and chaotic.

That’s why we recommend that you only buy a 30 inch wide and 5 feet long standard-sized bathtub. Finding something smaller than this is pretty difficult in the current market. You can also choose between the cozy corner tub and a slightly smaller one that runs in an angled fashion. It can be pretty difficult to find a bathtub that fits all these criteria and still looks appealing. One bath tub that satisfies most of these criteria is the America Standard McKenzie tub. It is small, economical, and a mere 4 feet long. Given that it fits the bill, you definitely wouldn’t want this tub in your bathroom if you’re a tall 6-feet tall man. This one is made of enameled steel. Another option available is Kohler’s Mayflower corner. That one’s made of cast iron and slips easily into almost any tight corner.

If you really want a good well-designed small tub for your bathroom, you could consider getting it custom-made too. Whirlpools and tubs are regularly tailored to client specifications. However, American Standard’s product development team advises against installing a whirlpool in space of less than 5 feet within a small bathroom. The look would be completely ruined. Also, there is a practical issue here. Jets on whirlpools force out water at more than 8 gallons a minute. You could be spewing water all over the bathroom!

What else does Walsh advise? Well, one of the key things to keep in mind when considering bath tub size is adjusting it to the correct rim height. Higher rims tend to mean better water coverage for the bather to enjoy. A tall person is likely to face trouble bathing in a low-rimmed tub.

Think a bath tub will just look too much in your small bathroom? New York plumber, Edward Perez, says that there is still hope for a custom-made bath tub that will fit your budget range. However, only consider looking into this if you’ve got a bath tub space of at least 36 square inches available. Neo-angle showers may also be worth considering.

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