Sea Inspired Bathroom Decor

Tangled Up in Blue

To transform your bathroom into a coastal retreat, consider using blue hues throughout the room. For a sophisticated, nautical look, choose navy, royal and marine blue. To create a spa-like ambience, select tones that are reminiscent of sea glass, such as turquoise, aqua and sky blue.

Colors don’t have to be limited to the paint. Incorporate them into other bathroom elements, such as the sink, towels and accessories.


Add Some Sand

A beachy theme comes together when you throw in some neutral tones that remind you of warm sand. Amber, beige and bronze work well in a sea-inspired bathroom. Incorporate bronze into your shower door panel.

Choose flooring and tub surrounds in faux wood or another natural material. The mottled appearance of marble is ideal for a beachy bathroom. It also elevates the atmosphere from casual to elegant. Beach chic doesn’t have to be understated. Make it as formal as you want by adding tasteful fixtures.

Sea Inspired Bathroom Decor


Don’t Shy Away From White

It’s often breezy at the beach. Bring in that airy, spacious feel by keeping some areas in the bathroom white. You might choose a stark, gleaming tub with a glass enclosure. This opens up the space and makes you feel as though you’re standing under a waterfall. White flooring also provides a chic contrast against blue or taupe walls.


Move Away From the Standard Sink

Instead of settling for a conventional vanity with a white sink, play around with this area of your bathroom. Your sink can be a conversation piece if you select one with a unique design and color.

Bamboo offers a tropical feel. Its sandy hues make you feel like you’re surrounded by palm trees. Natural wood is another good option. The warm tones of these materials contrast well with the cool blues and greens that you might use on the walls.

Watery elements also work well in a sea-inspired bathroom. Waterfall faucets and vessel sinks add a touch of whimsy to the bathroom and can make you feel as though you’re on vacation. Select a glass ensemble in emerald or taupe to make you feel as though you’re dipping your fingers in the waves.

Sea Inspired Bathroom Decor


Make Waves

Speaking of waves, you might want to add them into your bathroom as a design element. You can use wall decals, paint or tile to create patterns on the walls. Consider creating an undulating design with small tiles that are arranged into a mosaic. Your bathroom will be a work of art.


A Fishy Feel

Fish are fun, especially for a child’s bathroom. Consider purchasing a whimsical shower curtain that’s swimming with fish. Choosing colors that contrast with blue, such as orange, can make your bathroom pop and add juicy elements.

Some people choose to make their walls the focal point by using wallpaper. If that’s the case, you have plenty of options when it comes to a seaside theme. Just remember to install the wallpaper properly. Because the bathroom is one of the most humid areas of the house, it can take a toll on wall coverings.


Create Texture

The beach is all about texture variation. You have the glassy surface of the water, foamy waves, rough sand and smooth pebbles. Work these into your bathroom décor.

A floor made of glossy stones feels nice under your feet and gives you the experience of showering outdoors. Grass cloth is a type of wallpaper that looks natural and infuses the space with a South Pacific atmosphere. Even just adding some tile in various shades of blue or tan to one wall can create dramatic, seaside-inspired flair.


Mix Modern and Vintage

You can go overboard when it comes to your bathroom theme. Sometimes, sea-inspired rooms take on the feel of a retirement home in Florida. Don’t let that happen to you.

Choose plenty of contemporary options, such as gleaming faucets with clean lines, to offset the organic nature of the décor. Then, when you add a basket of shells to the countertop or place a palm tree on the floor, it will feel modern instead of dated.

The cottage style is also perfect for a seaside bathroom. Install beadboard wainscoting and add a small shelf to showcase treasures such as shells, driftwood and other coastal finds.

It’s not difficult to transform your bathroom into a gorgeous escape. Swap out a few of the major elements, such as your sink and faucets, and decorate the rest of the room with a new color and accessories.





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