Popular Bathroom Paint Colors

Finding popular bathroom paint colors you love can be a challenge. Since bathrooms have limited wall space, it makes sense to choose colors that are appealing up close. Though safe, neutral shades have been a standard for a number of years, bold, vibrant colors are starting to make a real comeback.


Although choosing the right color for your bathroom is really a matter of personal taste, this article will shed some light on what's hot right now when it comes to popular bathroom paint colors. Considering a few basic design principles when you make your paint color selection may improve the overall results of your next bathroom makeover. You can mix, match, get creative, and have fun figuring out exactly which shades will work best in your home.


Soft and Inviting Neutral Tones


Neutral shades remain popular bathroom paint colors, though many homeowners are starting to abandon stark white for warmer shades. You could choose an accent color for your towels and accessory pieces. Then select a neutral paint shade that will compliment that accent color. For a plum-accent bathroom color, an offwhite color with a hint of plum or rose highlighting would work nicely. If you want to include green accents, an offwhite color with a sage undertone could be your best choice.


If you'd like a safe option that will stand the test of time regardless of coming and going trends, neutral paint colors, such as beige, gray, and offwhite, will always be a smart choice. But don't be afraid to add a touch of color. You can bring paint samples home from your local paint store to see which shades will look best with your bathroom's lighting.


Neutral tones are often a great choice for small bathrooms. Darker shades tend to make rooms look smaller while lighter shades project an illusion of spaciousness. A good rule of thumb is that the larger you want a room to look, the lighter you should go with your wall color choices. If you have a tiny half bath that you want to appear larger, keep your paint color a light, neutral shade.


Black is Back!


On the opposite end of the spectrum from the light neutral shades is the bold, dark statement many homeowners are choosing to make with black paint. Black paint can add an air of sophistication to a contemporary style bathroom. If you do choose this color, you'll want to be sure and select a glossy sheen that will be easy to clean. If

straight black is too bold for you, you can tone it down with a bit of eggplant or gray.


One thing to keep in mind when it comes to black paint for your bathroom is that it will tend to make your space look smaller. This would probably be a better choice for a large master bathroom than for a compact half-bath. If you want to add a touch of black to a smaller space, consider doing it with your accent decor pieces instead of with your overall paint color.


Sail Away with Beautiful Blues


Whether it's the brilliant blue of a tropical ocean or the peaceful blue of a summer sky, this color is ideal for inspiring a feeling of rest and relaxation. Blue is another great popular bathroom paint choice this year. You can go as light and airy or as dark and bold as you choose, depending on your personal taste and the overall look you hope to achieve.


Add some Cheer to your Routine with Bright Berry Shades


Bold reds, burgundies, and plums are all the rage for paint shades right now. These fun, vibrant shades could be just what you've been looking for to brighten up your bathroom. Bring home a few different shades and hold them up to your walls. Make sure to choose one that will work with your bathroom lighting. If you do choose a bold berry-inspired color, you may want to keep the color scheme of your towels and accessories simple. For example, you could add a small floral arrangement that incorporates the same shade as well as adds an accent color or two.


Regardless of the color scheme you choose, it's wise to select only quality paints with a sheen that will hold up well in the bathroom. Satin or semi-gloss sheen are both ideal because they're easy to keep clean and they're moisture resistant.

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