Polaris Sinks - Great Quality at Great Prices

Polaris sinks have been making waves in the home renovation industry for decades. Consumers love these sinks for the attention to detail apparent in every aspect of a Polaris sink. Unlike some high-end sink brands, however, Polaris kitchen and bathroom sinks are reasonably priced to make them accessible to the average homeowner. Learn why we love Polaris sinks and why you should consider this brand as you breathe new life into your bathroom or kitchen.


Why Polaris Sinks?

Here at Room to Rooms, we strive to only offer the best kitchen and bathroom features on the market. Our commitment to excellence inspires us to seek out top performers in each of our product categories, and Polaris caught our eye in the preliminary stages of the selection process.

Not only does Polaris put a lot of thought into the designs of its sinks, but this brand also uses the best materials available to make its products. With materials like stainless steel, AstraGranite, and copper, Polaris strives to make the best sinks on the market that homeowners will appreciate for decades.

To reduce costs for consumers, Polaris makes some of its sinks overseas, but this company has a wide range of USA-made sinks that you can choose if you want to directly stimulate the domestic economy. If you want to fully understand why we love Polaris sinks at Room to Rooms, you’ll need to learn more about this company’s sink materials and its impressive lifetime warranty.

Polaris Sinks - Great Quality at Great Prices


Polaris Kitchen Sink Materials

Polaris uses a variety of durable and attractive materials to make its kitchen sinks:


1. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the most popular kitchen sink materials. Polaris makes some of its stainless steel sinks in America and some overseas. Its American-made sinks contain 300-series steel while its foreign-made sinks feature 304-grade steel. Both types of steel contain 18 percent chromium and around 10 percent nickel, which makes these sinks rust-proof.

Polaris Sinks - Great Quality at Great Prices


2. AstraGranite

AstraGranite is a proprietary type of granite composite that Polaris devised. Polaris offers these sinks in six assorted colors and styles, and they are exceptionally durable. While steel and copper sinks can be somewhat loud when you’re washing dishes, AstraGranite sinks are surprisingly quiet.

Polaris Sinks - Great Quality at Great Prices


3. Copper

While copper isn’t as popular for kitchen and bathroom sinks as it once was, Polaris still makes a variety of beautiful copper kitchen sinks. These sinks contain 99 percent pure mined copper, and they do not include any recycled scrap materials. This company hand-hammers its copper bathroom sinks to provide a beautiful handmade look.

Polaris Sinks - Great Quality at Great Prices


Polaris Bathroom Sink Materials

Polaris makes its bathroom sinks from tons of distinctive materials. Here are a few examples:


1. Stainless Steel

While Polaris mainly reserves its stainless steel for its kitchen sinks, this company also makes a few different stainless steel bathroom sink models. Most of these sinks are undermount or top mount, but Polaris also offers a few stainless steel vessel sinks, which would look great in an industrial or contemporary master bathroom.


2. Bamboo

Polaris makes a few bamboo vessel bathroom sinks. These sinks are incredibly lightweight, and they look right at home in tropically-themed bathrooms. Polaris bamboo bathroom sinks contain 100 percent natural bamboo stalk fibers, and since bamboo is so different from most other sink materials, Polaris provides a complete guide to cleaning your bamboo bathroom sink.

Polaris Sinks - Great Quality at Great Prices


3. Bronze

Bronze has long been a favorite material for bathroom sinks. This metal is highly durable, and it also looks beautiful whether it’s polished to shine like the sun or artfully aged. Polaris bronze sinks are pure bronze, which means they contain both copper and tin.

This company offers bronze sinks in undermount, top mount, and vessel styles, and you have your choice between Aged and Antique Polaris bronze sinks. Whichever style you choose, Polaris hand-hammers its bronze sinks to provide a genuine Old-World aesthetic.


4. Stone

Polaris uses sandstone, onyx, marble, and granite to sculpt beautiful sinks from 100 percent real stone. Every Polaris stone sink is unique, and this company’s artisans handcraft these sinks to ensure that they uphold the dedication to quality that Polaris infuses into each of its sinks. These sinks are available in colors like tan, white, yellow, and black.

Polaris Sinks - Great Quality at Great Prices 

5. Copper

Polaris copper bathroom sinks are true works of art. This company makes copper sinks in several distinctive styles, and these sinks bear intricate and beautiful designs. No copper Polaris sink is quite like another, and these pure copper sinks add brightness to your bathroom no matter which design you choose.


6. Glass

Polaris is most famous for its incredible glass sinks. While these sinks are highly durable, they are so lightweight that they appear to glide on top of your vanity countertop. Polaris makes these sinks in vessel style, which means that they sit on top of your counter and highlight their beauty for all to see.

The glass sinks that this company makes come in colors like blue, black, and gold, and Polaris offers glass sinks in both clear and frosted styles. Some Polaris sinks include a medley of distinct colors or feature intricate patterns.

Polaris Sinks - Great Quality at Great Prices


7. Porcelain

If you prefer to go the conventional route, Polaris offers a variety of undermount, top mount, and vessel porcelain sinks. You can buy these sinks in iconic colors like bisque, white, and black.

Polaris Sinks - Great Quality at Great Prices


Limited Lifetime Warranty

We especially love the warranty that Polaris offers on all of its sink models. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects for the life of your sink. If you have issues with your Polaris sink because of mistakes in the manufacturing process, Polaris will be happy to replace your sink with a model of equal or greater value.

With this warranty, Polaris guarantees that you will be able to enjoy your sink to the fullest with no concerns. Keep in mind that this warranty doesn’t cover any defects caused by misuse, improper installation, or handling.




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