Phenomenal Bathroom Shower Rooms

Phenomenal Bathroom Shower Rooms

Taking a shower should always be a luxurious and relaxing experience. However, not every type of shower is up to the task of helping you get clean in style. Traditional types of showers are reminiscent of cramped little cubbyholes, and showers that come with bathtubs aren't usually much better. However, there's a comfortable and upscale type of shower enclosure that will provide you with all of the space you need while you sit in the lap of absolute bathing luxury. If you want to turn taking a routine shower into an experience that you'll look forward to every day, you should consider installing a shower room.


Corner Shower Rooms with Glass Walls

Shower rooms with glass walls are among the most common types of these large bathing areas. These types of shower rooms are placed in the corners of bathrooms, and they consist of a variety of glass panels that are placed at angles. Most types of corner shower rooms have three glass walls, and the door to the shower is usually placed in the central glass panel.

 While some glass shower rooms still use framed glass, frameless glass showers have become increasingly popular. These types of showers make use of special pivots and extra-thick glass to create shower enclosures that don't show any seams. While frameless showers have become associated with the height of luxury, these types of showers are inexpensive enough to serve as reasonable solutions for any bathroom.

Phenomenal Bathroom Shower Rooms


Tiled Shower Rooms with Glass Doors

 Corner showers usually only connect with two walls in your bathroom. However, it's also possible to construct a shower room with three tiled walls. These shower rooms are similar in style to traditional shower cubicles, but they outstrip these conventional options by leaps and bounds when it comes to space to move around.

 In most cases, it's necessary to build a new wall in your bathroom to accommodate one of these shower rooms. If you want to attach a showerhead to the new wall, you'll need to make it a wet wall that can admit pipes. No matter what, you'll need to equip this wall with tiles or another type of impermeable material that will prevent water from damaging your floors or walls. Shower tiles come in all sorts of different colors, and some of them may also bear decorative patterns like flowers or leaves.


Shower Rooms with Benches

 No matter what type of shower room you end up going for, these types of showers are almost always large enough to accommodate benches. These features can be beneficial if you suffer from a disability that makes it difficult to stand in the shower for extended periods, and they also take showering comfort to a whole new level. These benches are usually incorporated into the design of a shower room, and they are commonly equipped with the same style of tile that covers the rest of the room.

 In many cases, it's possible to use a detachable shower head to bathe yourself while seated on a bench in your shower room. Other shower room models come equipped with heads that can be moved to spray you no matter where you're located in your shower.

Phenomenal Bathroom Shower Rooms


Shower Rooms with Multiple Heads

 One of the best aspects of shower rooms is that these innovative types of showers almost always have enough room to include multiple shower heads. In some configurations, there are two heads on opposing walls, and in enclosed shower rooms, it's sometimes possible to incorporate a shower head on all three walls.

 Depending on how your water lines are set up in your bathroom, it's also sometimes possible to include a shower head that comes down from the ceiling. These types of shower heads are generally square, and they are considerably larger than normal shower heads. Most models consist of a variety of small pores that all emit thin streams of water to emulate a rainfall effect. Unlike real rain, however, you can control the temperature of the water that comes out of these high-end shower fixtures.

 While ceiling shower heads are not detachable, the other heads in your shower room can usually be configured to be detachable. One popular shower room setup consists of a ceiling shower head, a fixed shower head on one wall, and a detachable shower head on the opposite wall.


Shower Rooms with Wall Cubbies

 Since you're already going to the trouble of installing a shower room, you might want to go ahead and install a wall cubby as well. These tiled cubbies can be used to store toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, and they generally have multiple shelves. These simple features save space in your shower room, and they're also more aesthetically appealing than shower caddies.


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