Orange Color Bathroom Ideas

Using the color orange in your bathroom can be tricky, but if you stick with it, you’ll find that this hue creates a huge impact that will impress your family and guests. As you get started on your bathroom remodel, keep the color orange in the back of your mind. Picking out orange features and decor is easier than you’d think, and we’ll show you how to make your shower, windows, and even your walls orange in this guide.

Cover Every Surface with Orange

Do you love orange? Then you shouldn’t be afraid to cover every surface in your bathroom with this bright and attractive color. If you really want to, you can find a way to make your walls, floor, and even your ceiling as orange as you want. From there, all you need to do is find a custom orange vanity, a citrus-colored toilet, and other orange bathroom features to complete the effect. Make sure you truly adore orange, however, before you take these extreme measures.

Combine Orange and Pink for a Citrus Burst

Just because you want to use orange in your bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate other colors into your palette as well. One hue that goes great with orange is pink, and there are tons of different shades of pink that you can use to accentuate your orange decor theme.

If you want, you can use pink and orange for the entirety of your bathroom decor. For even the biggest fans of these colors, however, this approach might be a bit visually unsettling. As an alternative, you might want to simply paint alternating walls orange and pink and keep your bathroom features relatively neutral in color.

Put up Some Orange Patterned Wallpaper

One subtle way to incorporate orange into your bathroom design is to paste up some wallpaper with an orange pattern. Some orange wallpaper designs are totally dominated by this color, but others simply feature repeating animal or nature designs that keep their use of orange to a minimum. Before you choose an orange wallpaper pattern to go with, take a few samples home with you and tape them on the wall to get an idea of how each option would look in practice.

Use an Orange Shower Curtain

Installing an orange shower curtain in your bathroom is a no-risk and low-cost way to experiment with this color. Many homeowners have multiple shower curtains on hand that they exchange periodically, and adding an orange option into the mix will let you see how you like the color orange in your bathroom without requiring you to change any permanent features.

Install Curtains with Orange Designs

Depending on the design, curtains might be slightly harder to swap out than shower curtains, but hanging some orange curtains over your window is another way to try out orange with hardly any risk. You might find that you want to combine your orange curtains with other swappable orange features, but get an idea of how much you like these orange window covers first before you proceed to make any lasting changes.

Try Burnt Orange for a More Moderate Approach

Remember that bright orange isn’t your only option when you select an orange hue for your bathroom. Certain shades, like burnt orange, contain all the fiery zestiness of bright orange without being so hard on the eyes. Pastel orange is also certainly an option, and even somber shades like blood orange are still orange enough to get the point across.

Limit Orange to One or Two Features

You can certainly be selective as you choose how to best deploy the color orange in your bathroom. In the right situation, even making just one or two features orange can completely change the way your bathroom looks. If most of the rest of your bathroom is white, for instance, installing an orange faucet or an orange towel rack can add some life to your bathroom in a surprisingly subtle way.

Install Some Orange Subway Tile

Even if you don’t know what it is, you’ve probably seen subway tile before. This horizontal tile pattern was originally popularized by its use in subway rail systems, but these days, it’s increasingly common to see this type of tile in chic bathrooms as well.

One of the benefits of subway tile is that you can color it any shade you wish. It’s easy to find orange subway tile at a hardware store or on the internet, and once you have it, you can use this tile to make an attractive backsplash or to cover the walls in your shower.

Orange Color Bathroom Ideas

Turn Your Tub Orange

Your bathtub might be the last place you think to use the color orange in your bathroom. When done correctly, however, making your tub orange can be one of the best ways to deploy this shade throughout your space. Figuring out how to make your tub orange, however, depends on the type of tub you have.

If you have a drop-in tub, then you might simply be able to switch out your tub’s existing siding for orange tile. You should consult with a professional about the best way to make your acrylic alcove tub orange, but if you have an old-school porcelain tub, you might be able to paint it yourself if you remember to use the right glaze.

Invest in Some Orange Towels

It’s understandable if you don’t want to make a color as brash as orange a permanent part of your bathroom decor. Picking up an orange towel set is a great way to celebrate the autumn or incorporate orange into your bathroom’s aesthetics whenever you want. You might even want to invest in a wall hanging that you can switch out with the changing of the seasons to make an even more impressive orange decor statement.

Orange Color Bathroom Ideas

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