New and Classic Home Décor for 2018

New and Classic Home Décor for 2018

 The current of home fashions advances and recedes, washing up exciting new ideas for your living spaces. Sometimes, these trends and styles stay around for years, even decades, and other times they're washed back out into the sea of shifting home décor ideas. This year has some exciting ideas for shaking things up a bit in regard to color, design and home furnishings. We also thought it worth mentioning a couple of home decorating standbys that are still in vogue because they're just that awesome.




 Darker Palettes

 This is a fresh new trend for home decorating in 2018. For many years, the advice from home design professionals has been to stick to light colors to open up the spaces in your home. There's a lot to be said for this idea, but it's also shut out the creative possibilities of color choices like slate gray, burgundy, hunter green and dark metals like copper and bronze. In this year's kitchen, shiny black cabinets pair well with light wood accents and white marble countertops for a clean, striking look.


 Natural Elements

 Worn leather, wicker, Mexican tile, stone countertops and lots of plants are some of the natural elements that are popular in this year's home fashions. You can get this down-to-earth look with vintage, repurposed or brand-new furniture and accessories. For example, a distressed brown leather sofa brightened with boldly colored pillows would be a wonderful centerpiece. This trend shoots for an organic, laid-back style in the home. Plants are a good design choice for any genre, but they're an integral part of this earthy, natural look.


 Functional Art

 Art is an integral part of this year's approach to home décor. Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder, so selections should speak to each person's individual taste. Incorporating as much artistic beauty and energy as possible into a home decorating scheme includes adding furnishings that reflect your artistic leanings. It can also mean highlighting art in wall and floor designs. A mural is one example of functional art that infuses a room with character, and the right wallpaper on a ceiling can make the entire space into an art installation.

 New and Classic Home Décor for 2018


Eclectic Combinations

 Sinuous furniture lines are a continuation of this year's emphasis on the art of home design. Curves are back in vogue, whether it's a sleek sectional sofa or a modern dining room ensemble. Furnishings no longer have to be in tidy matching sets either. It's more important for them to be the right fit for the atmosphere of the room. Elements are held together with the use of color and texture, and they can be matching or contrasting. Stereotypes are not a part of this décor.


 Repurposed Furniture & Accessories

 We're not talking about adding slipcovers to your couch or using up the rest of that roll of wallpaper that's still sitting in the closet. Repurposing is taking appealing vintage or unused belongings and giving them new life as home accessories and furnishings. The barn door hack is still alive and well this year, for example. A refinished barn door can be hung as a sliding door to save space and add interest to a room. In the same fashion, a simple wooden palette can be stained and become a unique master bedroom headboard.




 Open Living Space

 Bursting on the scene in the nineties, the open plan, or great room concept, was a trendy style for new homes. It wasn't a passing fancy, though, because the many benefits of this floor plan continue to be enjoyed today. Some of the newest homes even take it a step further, with a 'kitchen wall' adjacent to the living area. There's usually a long island between the linear kitchen and the rest of the dining/living room to give some definition to each functional space. This style is the natural progression of combining major living areas to create one multi-functional and beautiful whole.

 New and Classic Home Décor for 2018


Bar Seating

 In a similar vein, the breakfast bar configuration continues to have a strong following because it increases the opportunities for interaction. Adding a seating area to a dividing kitchen counter or bar allows family members to chat while meals are being prepared. It's a convenient location for a quick snack, and the counter is also a central location for crafting or homework. Another reason this kitchen seating arrangement has endured is that it creates the perfect hub for entertaining.



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