Most Outrageous and Expensive Toilets

If you’re like most people, you think of your toilet as a purely utilitarian device. As long as it’s clean and it works well, you feel like there’s no need to change anything about this particular type of bathroom fixture during your next bathroom remodel. At the same time, however, there are tons of exciting varieties of toilets out there that truly cross the line from functional to opulent. While these particular toilets might not be right for your existing vanity and other bathroom features, they’re worth shaking your head at nonetheless.

Most Outrageous and Expensive Toilets

The Hang Fung Golden Throne

While it’s possible that the Hang Fung toilet might be dismantled soon with the price of gold skyrocketing, this toilet is commonly listed among the most expensive and ostentatious toilets the world has ever seen. If you’ve heard rumors that there’s a solid-gold toilet out there, this is it: The Hang Fung toilet is made entirely from 24-karat gold.

That’s not all. The Hang Fung toilet is part of a so-called “Hall of Gold,” which has been on display in China since the early 2000s. Originally crafted by the Hang Fung Gold Technology Group, this toilet is available to be viewed by the public. If you wanted to take the Hang Fung toilet home with you, however, it would cost at least $5 million, and no, visitors are not allowed to use the Hang Fung toilet for its intended function when they visit and feast their eyes on this mystery of the modern world.

Kanye’s Golden Toilets

Singer and songwriter Kanye West has always liked to make a statement, and the various controversies that Kanye has gotten himself embroiled in are a big part of his brand. As part of the renovations to his enormous home in Bel Air, California, Kanye decided to install some of the most expensive toilets that had ever been devised by human hands.

Kanye’s home now contains four gold-plated toilets that have been crafted in genuine Louis XIV-style. Now, Kanye’s new toilets can rest alongside his indoor pool, basketball court, personal gym, and bowling alley within his and Kim’s opulent mansion.

The Metro Urban Toilet (MUT)

As the name suggests, Metro Urban Toilets (MUTs) were originally designed to be used in public restrooms. Somewhere along the way, however, the allure of these traditional toilets caught on with homeowners, and there are now a variety of high-end MUT models that will cost you around $3,500 to install in your own home.

Since they were originally designed for public use, MUTs can withstand pretty much anything you can throw at them. From an ultra-powerful flushing mechanism to a stainless steel body that would probably be the only thing to survive if your home got caught up in a bomb blast, an MUT might be the perfect thing to install in your home if you want your toilet to last longer than your lifetime.

MUTs are also exceedingly easy to clean, which makes them a hit with families and busy homeowners. At the same time, however, the sleek elegance of your MUT will blend in beautifully with your mid-century modern or art deco interior decor style.

TOTO Toilets

Toilets by the Japanese brand TOTO aren’t quite as luxurious as some of the options we’ve covered so far, but they are some of the priciest toilets that the average middle-class homeowner can access. Like many Japanese gadgets, TOTO toilets are designed to take all the work out of going to the bathroom.

From water spritzers to automatic flushing mechanisms, TOTO tries to make using your toilet into a truly refreshing experience. This brand makes lots of different toilet models, and each model has different features. Depending on the type of TOTO toilet you choose, your new bathroom fixture might even warm your cheeks while you sit on your throne.

Most Outrageous and Expensive Toilets

The Dagobert Wooden Toilet

The first thing most consumers think when they encounter the “Dagobert” wooden toilet by Herbeau is, “Does this thing really work?” Yes, the Dagobert toilet isn’t just a glorified chamber pot; it connects to your sewer lines just like any other toilet, but that’s where the similarities between this Herbeau masterpiece and any other toilet in existence meet a swift end.

The Dagobert toilet towers five feet into the air, and its almost all-wood design makes you worry quietly to yourself about sanitation. For $15,000, however, Herbeau must have worked out all the kinks and made this toilet safe and healthy enough to be used in your home. The only problem for most homeowners, however (aside from the price), is finding adequate space to deploy the Dagobert within the confines of their bathrooms.

Swarovski-Studded Toilet

At $75,000, the Swarovski-Studded toilet is one of the most expensive options on this list, but a single glance at this magnificent throne is enough to convince even the most jaded toilet connoisseur of this masterwork’s unparalleled brilliance. For those not in the known, Swarovski is one of the most notable crystal brands in the world, and for people who already love this brand’s products, a genuine Swarovski toilet is a match made in heaven.

The International Space Station Toilet

You can’t actually buy the toilet in the International Space Station (ISS). If you could, however, you’d probably be set back around $20 million; that’s how much it cost to build this space-age toilet, after all. Built by the Russian space agency in 2008, the ISS toilet uses high-powered fans to make sure that its contents are fully sucked into a holding tank.

Moon River Art Park Toilet

Word on the street is that this Chinese toilet cost over $750,000 to build. Whatever the case may be, the Moon River Art Park Toilet is firmly embedded in one of China’s most popular parks, so it won’t be up for grabs anytime soon.

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