Most Extravagant Bathroom Design - Nothing Spared

Most Extravagant Bathroom Design - Nothing Spared

Creating the luxury bathroom of your dreams is no easy feat. Even if you have the funds necessary to set up a regal bathing chamber with no holds barred, you'll still need to decide on the aesthetics of your in-home oasis. There's an infinite number of combinations of toilets, showers, sinks, and bathtubs that you can put together to make a unique bathroom paradise, and you'll also need to consider variables like materials, space restrictions, and desired decor themes. If all these factors seem overwhelming at first, that's understandable. However, by considering a few expert tips, you can turn the process of constructing your bathroom masterpiece into a walk in the park.


 Don't Skimp on the Marble

 While luxury bathroom designs vary greatly, they all seem to contain one thing: marble, and lots of it. Even if you're wanting to create a wood-paneled sauna-like atmosphere, you'll still need marble for the sink, and some bathrooms are almost completely marble-coated from floor to ceiling.

 The best thing about marble is that it comes in many different colors. No matter what decor theme you're going for in your bathroom, it's likely that you'll be able to find a marble pattern to match. This material is also highly durable, and it won't easily show scratches or other signs of damage. Unlike other building materials, the marble in your bathroom might even outlive you, which makes it a great material for your bathroom if resale value is a factor that's dear to your heart.

 Best of all, different types of marble vary widely in price. We know that you want to make a bathroom that's luxurious, but just how luxurious your bathroom ends up is up to you.

Most Extravagant Bathroom Design - Nothing Spared


 Keep the Tub and Shower Separate

 If your goal is to pull out all the stops to create a bathroom that your friends and family will envy, then your only option is to go for a shower and tub that are separate. After all, combining the shower with the tub is a sign that you don't have enough space, and spreading out across a huge bathroom is the best way to be ostentatious. If you decide to skimp on style and put these two bathroom features together, you'll make a bathroom design mistake that you'll soon regret.

 In some luxury bathrooms, the bathtub is against one wall, and the shower is in one of the corners of the room. In other cases, the shower is ensconced in a three-walled cubby with a glass door, and the bath takes up a central position of dominance among the other bathroom features. Whichever setup you end up going for, make sure that your bathtub is deep enough for long and comfortable soaks.


 Go for the Shower Room

 A luxury bathroom simply isn't luxurious without a shower room. While average bathrooms have showers that are nothing more than little cubicles in a corner, shower rooms turn your daily rinse into an opportunity to let it all go and relax. These special rooms are often surrounded by walls of frameless glass, or they might be made into bonafide rooms of their own with three tiled walls and a single glass door.

 When you have a whole room to make into a shower, your possibilities expand exponentially. While most showers can only admit a single shower head, shower rooms can have as many as three or for different heads. You can set up a combination of shower heads that are overhead, detachable, and fixed, and you can usually individually control the temperature of each head.

 Shower rooms also come with other luxurious features like benches and cubbies. It's even possible to include decorative plants on your shower room's bench that will love the humidity.

Most Extravagant Bathroom Design - Nothing Spared


 Incorporate a Vanity

 If you have a lot of space to work with in your luxury bathroom, you might as well include a vanity. Many homeowners choose to place vanities in their bedrooms, but the bathroom is a much more suitable pick for this piece of furniture. If you have a large, grandiose vanity right in your bathroom, it will be easy to groom and use makeup the moment that you get out of the shower. Plus, the appearance of a hardwood vanity only adds to the aesthetic allure of a luxurious bathroom.


 Be Creative with Lighting

 Most bathroom light fixtures are lamentably boring. Even the most energy-efficient recessed LED ceiling fixtures are disappointing from an aesthetic point of view, but there's nothing uninteresting about an intricate crystal chandelier hanging from the center of your bathroom. While you're at it, you might want to spring for more than one of these dangling, glittering beauties. Also, remember that no luxury bathroom is complete without at least one ceiling-mounted heat lamp.


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