Most Common Bathroom Design Rules

As they say, “Measure twice, and cut once.” Getting your bathroom design right ahead of time will prevent disasters from occurring during the actual bathroom remodel process. However, figuring out the right places to put your tub, shower, toilet, and vanity isn’t easy, and determining the perfect color scheme and how to set aside room for storage makes things even more difficult. Learn the most common bathroom design rules in this guide to make sure you get your new bathroom right the first time.

Perfect the Layout Ahead of Time

Even if you’re used to taking care of DIY tasks around the home, building or redesigning a bathroom is no simple task. In addition to making sure that your new space is structurally sound, you’ll also need to ensure that your layout fits together perfectly.

For instance, many novice bathroom builders make the mistake of making the toilet visible from down the hall. Either that, or you might mis-measure and make your bathroom door hit your vanity whenever you step inside. For these reasons and more, it’s essential that you fully plan out your bathroom before you order your first feature or make a single cut.

There are a variety of types of computer-assisted design (CAD) programs you can use to help with the design process. With these pieces of software, you can input the exact dimensions of the features you want to install and make sure that your door will have adequate clearance.

Leave Plenty of Room for Storage

No matter how modern and beautiful your bathroom may be, you’ll still need places to store toilet paper and tissues. Plus, without adequate storage space for your toiletries, you’ll inevitably end up scattering makeup brushes, toothpaste, and other sundries across your countertop, which will ruin the clean, polished effect you’re going for.

There are tons of surprising bathroom storage options you might not have considered. For instance, you can set up magnetic makeup organizers that attach to your mirror, or you could even build a recessed cabinet above your toilet. Plus, if you haven’t heard of storage ladders, you might want to give this innovative storage option a try. Essentially, a storage ladder is a tiered organization system that climbs up your wall, and it fits perfectly next to most toilets.

Get the Color Scheme Right

It’s critically important to make sure all your bathroom features will fit in your space. However, it’s just as important to make sure that your new grooming space will look perfect once it’s complete. Therefore, you’ll need to fully plan out your color scheme before you purchase the first piece of your new bathroom.

There are tons of color schemes and décor options to choose from. For instance, you might want to try a minimalist, mid-century modern design that skips all the bright colors and focuses on smooth, attractive contours. On the other hand, you may prefer the bright, bold aesthetics of tropical or Mediterranean décor.

Whichever type of décor and color scheme you choose, just make sure you know how each part of your new bathroom will contribute to your overall vision ahead of time. Being forced to switch out a feature you love just because it doesn’t fit your color scheme is no fun.

Most Common Bathroom Design Rules


Choose Matching Handles and Other Fittings

Once you’ve picked the perfect color scheme for your bathroom, make sure that the handles and other fittings you choose fit in perfectly. For instance, don’t pick a brass faucet if the handles on your vanity will be silver. In general, it’s also best to pick fittings that match your overall décor scheme; if you’re planning to set up a spotless, contemporary bathroom, then ornate, antique handles will probably look out of place. At the same time, eclectic fittings can add that little bit of life that turns overly minimalist environments into avant-garde utopias, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Use the Right Features to Make it Roomy

As you design your bathroom, it’s important to avoid trying to do too much at once. While you might love to have both a clawfoot tub and a shower room in your new bathroom, indulging in both of these large features could make it hard to walk to the toilet in the middle of the night.

In every aspect of your bathroom design, do your best to create the illusion of extra space. It’s now possible to mount your toilet to the wall, which creates a sleek look and opens up space underneath. In general, the more floor space you have, the bigger your bathroom will look.

Most Common Bathroom Design Rules


Go Overboard with the Lighting

There’s no reason to hold back on the lighting as you design your new bathroom. In fact, contemporary bathroom design practically demands lots of bright lighting. In addition to the exposed bulbs above your vanity and the recessed lights above your shower, consider investing in some sleek, low-profile LEDs behind your mirror.

These tiny lights also fit in perfectly under your countertop, and there are tons of other ways to add illumination to your bathroom. Keep in mind that hanging pendant lights that dangle in front of your mirror are ultra-popular right now.

Ensure Adequate Ventilation

No matter what type of bathroom you build, you’ll need to make sure that your space has adequate ventilation. As you check out exhaust fans, make sure they’re rated for the number of cubic feet your bathroom takes up. Also, if it’s possible to install a window in your bathroom, make sure you do so; remember that in addition to making your bathroom beautiful, you also have to keep it up to code.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

From scented candles to essential oil diffusers to wall hangings, accessories are important in any bathroom. Once you’ve got the basics down, pick the perfect accessories for your space.



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