Mosaic Tile Bathroom Designs

Mosaic tile is so versatile that it’s easy to incorporate into any bathroom redesign. You can use this tile to make a beautiful artistic design, or you can simply use it to cover a wall with a single color. Learn more about mosaic tile and find out how to pick the perfect tile style to match your medicine cabinet, vanity, and other bathroom features.

What Is Mosaic Tile?

Mosaic tile is any type of small tile that you can use to make a repeating pattern. The term “mosaic” is derived from an art form that involves using tiny tiles to make a big image, but you don’t have to use your mosaic tile in this traditional way. The intricate patterns made by mosaic tile also make it a great candidate for a wall or floor covering in your bathroom.

This type of tile comes in tons of different shapes, styles, and materials. Whether your bathroom is highly contemporary or purely rustic, you can find a mosaic tile option that perfectly fits your space. This tile is versatile enough that you can use it anywhere in your bathroom, but we’d suggest you stop short of covering every single surface with mosaic tile!

Where Can I Use Mosaic Tile in My Bathroom?

You can use mosaic tile on practically any flat surface. However, there are a few places that homeowners most commonly choose to deploy mosaic tile:

  • Floors: The floors in your bathroom are practically crying out to be covered with mosaic tile. This type of tile looks great on larger surfaces, which is why using it as a floor covering is so popular.
  • Walls: This waterproof tile is a popular covering for the walls in your shower, but you can also extend your mosaic tile pattern outside of your shower enclosure and onto the surrounding walls.
  • Countertops: Covering wooden vanity countertops with mosaic tiles is one of the oldest and most aesthetically pleasing tricks in the bathroom decor industry.
  • Backsplashes: The backsplash directly behind your bathroom sink is a great place to spread out a small band of repeating mosaic tiles.

Mosaic Tile Bathroom Designs

What Types of Mosaic Tile Patterns Are There?

There are quite a few different types of materials you can use to make mosaic tiles. Each material has its own advantages, and pricing varies widely between the different types of mosaic tile materials. Here are five examples of popular mosaic tile materials you should consider using in your bathroom:

1. Ceramic Tile

Ceramic is one of the simplest and least expensive materials you can use to make mosaic tile. While ceramic on its own is relatively bland and uninteresting, one of the major advantages of this material is that you can paint and glaze it in any color that you like. It’s even possible to put basic patterns on ceramic mosaic tiles themselves. When deployed in an attractive arrangement on your wall or floor, these simple painted patterns combine to make a beautiful masterpiece.

2. Marble Tile

You can make mosaic tiles from marble and other natural stones. In addition to marble, you can also cut mosaic tiles from granite, soapstone, and other materials, but there’s no denying that marble is the most attractive and luxurious mosaic tile material out there. Every block of marble has its own unique pattern of veins, and you can exploit this natural, textured appearance to create a glossy, lustrous mosaic tile pattern anywhere in your bathroom.

3. Smalti Glass Tile

Smalti glass is a special type of Italian glass that gifted individuals have used to make mosaic tile works of art for centuries. While true Smalti glass is relatively expensive, there’s no substitute for the genuine article. Keep in mind that Smalti glass is wasted on simple patterns; if you invest in this beautiful, time-honored type of glass for your mosaic tile project, you should be ready to go all-in.

4. Vitreous Glass Tile

Vitreous glass is less expensive than Smalti glass, but it’s almost as attractive. This glossy tile creates a feeling of depth with its semi-translucency, and it looks great as a backsplash. Consider picking up a bunch of basic ceramic tiles and a handful of vitreous glass tiles that are the same size and shape. That way, you can create a simple pattern of vitreous glass tiles within your larger ceramic mosaic pattern.

5. Repurposed Tile

You can make mosaic tiles from practically anything. Crushed glass bottles, seashells, and even marbles can come together to make a unique and beautiful pattern with a little bit of creativity. It’s often possible to pick up small, broken-up objects that you can use to make a mosaic at your local craft store, and consider breaking up your objects yourself as well.

How to Make a True Bathroom Mosaic

When you’re pressed for time and resources, it’s natural to want to make your bathroom mosaic tile pattern as simple as possible. Keep the original purpose of mosaic tile in mind, however; if you want, you can make your bathroom mosaic tile into a true work of art.

While it might require a bit too much creativity and effort to recreate your favorite piece of art in colorful mosaic tiles, there’s nothing stopping you from using color to make some basic patterns on your walls. You can also get your kids involved in the process to deploy some simple pictures on your bathroom walls that will last the test of time.

No matter how much space you set aside for your mosaic tile project, remember that making a true work of art with your mosaic tile is easier than you might think. Your walls aren’t the only prime candidates for a mosaic tile masterpiece; you could also make a simple pattern or a crazy design on the floor of your bathroom with the right types of tile.

Mosaic Tile Bathroom Designs

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