Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets

No matter how futuristic your kitchen becomes, wood cabinets will still have a place among your stainless steel appliances and angular marble countertops. The timeless allure of real wood looks good in any modern kitchen, but there are many different types of wood that you can use in cabinets, and there are also a variety of different cabinet styles. Before you take the plunge and pick out new cabinets for your kitchen, you should be well-versed on all of the factors that go into making a wood kitchen cabinet set that's perfect for your home.


 Styles of Cabinets

 There are quite a few different types of cabinets to choose from as you design your dream kitchen. Each of these cabinet styles has different attributes, and each type will change the aesthetics of your kitchen in a unique way. Here are some of the most common types of kitchen cabinets that you can choose from:


 Cabinets with Glass

 Some kitchen cabinet styles are equipped with panes of glass. Depending on the cabinet in question, these kitchen components might have one pane of glass or two, and other varieties may even have a series of small panes. These types of cabinets are convenient in that they display their contents for all to see, and they also provide a feeling of openness throughout your kitchen.

Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets


 Cabinets with Handles

 Most types of kitchen cabinets come equipped with handles. In some cases, these handles are wide and horizontal, and they are designed to admit the majority of the fingers of your hand. Other handles are like small knobs, and they may be round, square, or even hexagonal depending on the model in question. Some cabinet handles are made from clear materials like glass or plastic, but others are made from wood or metal.


 Cabinets without Handles

 Some sleek modern cabinets don't have any handles at all. Instead, they have indents along the edges that can admit your fingertips. These types of cabinets create a smooth and luxurious interior design that flows perfectly with other modern kitchen features.


 Cabinet Materials

 A variety of different types of wood are used in the construction of kitchen cabinets. These woods are very different from each other in terms of color, and one type of wood might match better with your kitchen sink, refrigerator, or oven better than another. Some of the types of wood used in cabinets include:

  1. Cherry:
  • 1. Cherry: This type of wood has pinkish or red undertones, and it varies widely in color. Some types of cherry wood are almost white, but others are dark brown.
  1. Maple:
  • 2. Maple: Maple is a light-colored wood that is sometimes augmented by reddish tones. This type of wood has a subtle grain pattern that imparts a uniform appearance.
  1. Oak:
  • 3. Oak: Oak is a dense and strong wood, and different types of oak are white, reddish, or even pink. This wood features prominent grains, and it may also display streaks of green or yellow.
  1. Alder:
  • 4. Alder: This type of wood is generally light-colored. It features a subtle, meandering grain that usually shows up in straight lines.
  1. Hickory:
  • 5. Hickory: The heartwood and sapwood in hickory cabinets are usually different colors, which leads to a striated appearance. On the same hickory cabinet, you might see a mix of white and dark brown wood.
  1. Birch:
  • 6. Birch: Birch is smooth, and it has sharply contrasting grain patterns. Most birch cabinets are white or light brown.
  1. Walnut:
  • 7. Walnut: Walnut cabinets feature long, straight grains that separate different shades of light brown.
  1. Pecan:
  • 8. Pecan: Pecan wood features meandering, curved grains. Since the heartwood and sapwood of pecan trees is distinctly separate, pecan cabinets bear a mixture of different wood colors.

 Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets


How to Pick the Right Cabinets

 Now that you understand the differences between the various types of cabinets, it's time to pick a cabinet style that's perfect for your kitchen. As you make a selection, you should keep in mind that certain types of wood, like oak and walnut, are more durable than others such as maple or alder. However, woods that are more durable are also usually heavier, and they may be more expensive than softer woods. In addition, while you might like the hardness of a certain type of wood, it might not mesh properly with the existing aesthetics in your kitchen.


It's also important to accurately measure the entirety of your kitchen before you even think about buying cabinets. In some cases, it might make sense to have professionals measure your kitchen for you. That way, there won't be any surprises once your cabinets arrive for installation

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