Modern Monochrome Tribal Decor for Your Bathroom

Tribal decor has been popular for decades, but everyone's tired of the bright colors and lurid hues that made this decorating style famous. In recent years, it's become trendy to eliminate all of the colors altogether when you decorate in this appealing style, and black-and-white bedrooms with plenty of authentic designs on the walls are trending in cities all over the world. However, many homeowners forget their bathrooms in their quests to make their homes look as tribal as possible, but the monochrome look is truly at its best in this place where you groom yourself and retreat from the cares of the day. To effectively deploy the tribal monochrome decor style in your bathroom, you should follow these simple tips on how to pull off the tribal look.


Hang up Some Horns

While your bathroom might be too small for a full-size bull skull, you can always hang up some goat horns or some miniature deer antlers in an advantageous position within this room. Horns look best under vaulted ceilings, and if you happen to have an extra-large bathroom, it might even be easy to mount a real longhorn skull overlooking your vanity. If you're concerned about the environmental impact of hunting, you can always throw up some faux horns. These days, fake horns look even more convincing than the real thing, and you can decorate these horns with glitter or contrasting paint colors.


Don't Forget the Wall Weaves

While you might be weirded out by wall weaves at first, these decor items aren't blankets that accidentally found their way onto the wall; they're meant to be there, and they impart a special charm on your bathroom that you shouldn't overlook. There are tons of different tribal patterns to choose from that hail from all over the world, and whether you choose an African wall weave pattern or a style that would look more at home in a Navajo village, these bright bursts of geometrical complexity add even more value to a room when they're completely devoid of color. In most cases, you hang these weaves vertically on the wall, and practically any surface in your bathroom will do as you select a place to install your weave. Just make sure that you hang your weaves high enough that your guests don't mistake them for towels!


Add a Wicker Chair or Two

You might feel like you should leave wicker chairs outdoors, but as long as they're tasteful and relatively small, these types of chairs can also look great in somewhat larger bathrooms. If you happen to have a bathroom vanity with a place to sit in front of it, a small and tasteful wicker chair might be the perfect thing to sit on while you get ready for work in the morning, and one of these chairs could also serve as the perfect place to drape a towel while you groom yourself after a shower. In most cases, wicker chairs that you use indoors have more materials than just wicker; they often have wicker seats that are supported by stainless steel or solid wood bases.

Modern Monochrome Tribal Decor for Your Bathroom


Try Some Hanging Woven Light Fixtures

No room in a tribal house is complete without some dangling light fixtures surrounded by woven materials. Most of these light fixtures look similar to bells, and they often incorporate thick rope or thin types of wood like wicker. Since these light fixtures hang from the ceiling, you can arrange them at any height that you like, and if you place them above your vanity, you'll gain some additional sources for mood lighting that complement the bright lights above your mirror. If you hang these basket-shaped lights closer to the floor, however, you'll be able to see all of the grooming items that you've laid out on your countertop.

Modern Monochrome Tribal Decor for Your Bathroom


Display Some Tribal Pattern Pictures

Wall weaves are great and all, but they aren't the only decor items that you can use to show off geometric tribal patterns. Whether you take a cloth weave and frame it or frame a photograph of an authentic tribal pattern, these framed pictures provide you with intriguing patterns to look at as you get ready for your shower or prepare for a night on the town. When you pair them with white walls, these monochrome pictures truly pop out at you.


Give Authentic Geometric Wall Coverings a Try

While you might have seen these wall coverings in a Sufi temple during your travels, they would also look right at home on the walls of your bathroom. In the past, people meticulously used chisels and hammers to cut these thin, intricate shapes, but these days, you can use lasers to achieve the same effect. Laser cut wall coverings are much less expensive than their handmade counterparts, but they evoke the same aesthetic that you're immersed in when you set foot in Marrakech or Damascus. There are plenty of different geometric designs to pick from, and you'll love the way that white geometric wall coverings complement the darker aspects of your monochrome tribal bathroom.


Add Some Wall Baskets

Baskets aren't just for storing items or decorating your tables anymore; you can also deploy baskets on your walls for a unique and textured look. Whether you place a single basket on your wall or arrange an entire flotilla of storage items face-out to display their intricate geometric interiors, your bathroom will benefit from these beautiful decor items. It's easy to find wall baskets with authentic tribal patterns, and if you're feeling up to it, you can even weave your own basket with a special style that you won't see anywhere else.

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