Modern Farmhouse Sign Ideas to Add Charm

Modern Farmhouse Sign Ideas to Add Charm

One of the hottest trends in home décor is the farmhouse rustic style, and if you want your home to reflect this style, then you'd be amazed at how easy it can be. Not only can you opt to find products on the market that reflect this style of décor, but much of this style can be added to your home with components like antique trunks, artwork that's a bit on the rustic side, or even crafting DIY farmhouse signs to place throughout your living space.


 In fact, these types of signs are an amazingly inexpensive first step towards a more rustic styling for your living space, which is why we'll be taking a look at modern farmhouse sign ideas to add a bit of charm to your everyday surroundings.


 Go With Rustic Color Schemes

 So, what exactly is a rustic color? Farmhouse paint color schemes are almost always simple. In fact, some of the best colors for your farmhouse décor are various shades of white, gray, wood tone, and mild blues. When selecting a color for a farmhouse sign that's in your living space, first think of some of the colors that you might find on a farm, and then consider which one fits your specific décor best.

Modern Farmhouse Sign Ideas to Add Charm


 Use Farmhouse Materials

 As you might expect, wood is definitely one of the primary materials that you'll want to consider. In addition, for your home's signage, consider inks and prints that are dark enough to read but have a thinner look to them. In most situations, you'll want an aesthetic that makes the sign appear to be a bit weather-worn and used.


 Don't Be Afraid to Use Distressed Wood

 To add to this rustic look, if you're going to be using 2 x 4s in the design, you don't have to go to your nearest building supply company to find it. In fact, distressed scrap wood can really make a farmhouse sign really stand out. Remember, the look of this décor is meant to be a little weather-worn and old, so any wood that's irregularly cut or even cracked can really go a long way towards the aesthetic that you're seeking.


 Farmhouse Iconography is Perfect

 Who doesn't love mason jars and farm equipment? Both of these items really bring home the feel of a farmer's living, and having them appear on your sign is a great step towards providing that rustic style that you're looking for. While you may need stencils for some of these sign images, if you put in a little bit of effort, you'll be absolutely amazed at how great these images can look. When using a stencil to add a farmhouse icon, you don't have to be very detailed; in fact, it looks great if things are just a little rougher around the edges, so have fun with it.

Modern Farmhouse Sign Ideas to Add Charm


Put Your Sign in Places That Also Look Rustic

 Do you have a nice onyx vessel sink in your bathroom that looks like it was carved out of living earth? This type of sink can look great in a farmhouse décor setting, and having a farmhouse sign above it that reads, "country livin'" or "farmhouse," is a great way to reinforce this type of feeling in your living spaces. Don't be afraid to reinforce the farmhouse style in your home with these signs – your guests will love the visual aesthetic.


Final Thoughts

 A farmhouse sign can really light up your home and add a bit of rustic charm to even the most modern of living spaces. You'll be amazed at how something as simple as a sign can make a home feel more lived in, and since these signs are very easy to make, you can even have your kids help create them.



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