Modern Bathroom Vanities for 2019

Whether you want to add flair to your existing bathroom or you're building an entirely new home, it's never too early to brush up on the bathroom vanity styles that will be trending in 2019. The new year will bring with it the return of some modern styles that already seem like blasts from the past, and there are also plenty of ways to innovate in your bathroom that have never been seen before. To get some ideas on the best ways to outfit your stylish bathroom for 2019, check out this list of incredible bathroom vanity ideas.


Bring the Factory Home with an Industrial Look

Industrial decor is an essential element of modern home interior style, and one of the places that industrial features look most at home is in the bathroom. After all, where else can you show off exposed copper pipes that actually work? Pair your bare bones shower with a basic pedestal sink and an under-counter basin, and don't forget to instruct your interior decorator to build the faucet up over the sink with exposed copper pipes that have handles that would look more at home in a commercial kitchen. For a mirror, practically anything will do; try checking out your local reclaimed furniture store to find something that's just beaten up enough to look authentic but not so destroyed that you can't see your face while you brush your teeth in the morning.


Try a Metal Basin Sink

While basin sinks also look right at home in European villas, they are an integral component of modern decor style that will be making a big comeback in 2019. Unlike the hammered copper sinks that you can find in B&Bs out in the French countryside, the freestanding metal sinks that homeowners use in their modern bathrooms are usually made with industrial machinery, which means that they look more polished. When it comes to your choice of metal, you can pick between copper, brass, aluminum, or even stainless steel. Copper and brass are the traditional choices for these types of sinks, but as long as you make sure that your sink looks like you casually placed it on top of your bathroom counter, you've achieved the desired effect.


Mount Your Sink on the Wall

While the modern decor style has many different elements, one type of this aesthetic style is minimalism. In minimalist bathrooms, interior designers try to leave as much open space as possible, and clunky cabinets and bright wallpaper designs are usually left out. One way to achieve a minimalist bathroom look in 2019 is to ditch your current floor-mounted sink and get with the wall-mounted revolution. There are many different ways to mount your sink to the wall, but however you accomplish this feat, you'll be impressed by the amount of open space that is left down by your feet as you perform your morning routine.


Cover Your Surfaces with Wood Panelling

Wood panels can give any bathroom a Zen-like appearance, and as long as the wood you use is clean-cut and high-quality, wood-paneled bathrooms are definitely in keeping with the tenets of the modern decor style. If you don't want to completely commit to covering your bathroom with wood, you can start by simply overlaying your walls with wood panels, but true wood enthusiasts don't stop there; they even cover the ceilings of their bathrooms with thin and attractive wood panels. To complete the look, you'll definitely need to invest in a wooden bathroom vanity, and you can even try a mirror that has a wood bezel. If you want to protect your wooden surfaces from bacteria and fill your bathroom with a soothing aroma, try using cedar panels.

Modern Bathroom Vanities for 2019


Incorporate Natural or Reclaimed Elements

Bathroom vanities achieve unparalleled levels of aesthetic attractiveness when you pair hyper-modern elements with other features that look like you could have dug them up in the backyard. For instance, if you have a minimalist look throughout the rest of your bathroom, you might want to install a sink that's made from a single chunk of solid rock. In addition, you can complement the contemporary look of your mirror and cabinet with a reclaimed sink that was once part of a Victorian-era house.


Install a Fashionable Freestanding Cabinet

Many bathroom cabinets are installed flush to the wall, but leaving some space on either side can create the appearance of extra room in your bathroom. Freestanding cabinets usually have just as much or even more space than traditional cabinet types, but they are capable of housing your bathroom vanity sink and a number of drawers with ease. That way, you can stow all of your bathroom necessities out of sight while simultaneously creating the impression that there is plenty of elbow room in your bathroom. Freestanding bathroom cabinets come in all sorts of shapes and styles, which means that it will be easy to find a cabinet that fits perfectly with the rest of the modern bathroom decor dreams you have for 2019.

Modern Bathroom Vanities for 2019


Don't Forget to Include the Kids

Chic, modern homeowners have kids too, and providing a place in your bathroom that incorporates the needs of your little ones is one great way that you might want to update your bathroom for whatever 2019 might bring. As you restyle your own bathroom vanity this upcoming year, install a second vanity right next to it that's about a foot or two lower than yours. That way, you and your kids can brush your teeth at the same time, which provides excellent opportunities for family bonding while also making sure that the small people you are about most learn good hygiene practices.

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