Masculine Bathroom Ideas & Inspirations for 2019

They say that a bathroom is the woman’s domain. However, males also tend to frequent the bathroom occasionally. As such, just like females like large mirrors or plenty of natural light, there are certain aspects that can make a bathroom seem more masculine. Most of these ideas are mainly practical. For instance, men would love large enough counter space for the purposes of shaving. Here are some more ideas for a masculine bathroom I would recommend.


Large Shower

One of the must-have features for a masculine bathroom is a large shower. While a shower-tub combination is great, it is not necessary. For those looking to add a separate shower, keep in mind that the male will most likely never use the tub.

For extra accessories for the shower, multiple showerheads will be a great idea. The handheld and rainfall shower-heads are unnecessary. However, they will make for a luxurious experience when the male steps inside. Shower benches are another great idea. Men enjoy a long and hot shower, and it would be a great idea to have somewhere to seat.

Masculine Bathroom Ideas & Inspirations for 2019


Use Neutral Colors

A male bathroom is not one that needs many colors. Aim to use soft, neutral colors such as light grey and blue. This will help to keep things bright without being too bright. Choose to use black and white if you want to achieve a clean and modern aesthetic but slightly cold vibe.


Keep Things Organized

The bathroom is one of the places where a man’s sloppy instincts can truly show. Combat this issue by using products such as a clothing hamper, shower caddy, and a tray for soaps and lotions. As a man, thrive to force yourself to use these organizational tools at every opportunity. This way, each spare item will have its place.


Stone and Marble

One of the best bathrooms ideas for men is to use materials, which imply ruggedness and strength. Marble and stone are easy to use for this purpose. They create a sophisticated and durable look. Granite walls can help to add personality and texture to a plain design. Concrete is quite popular since it creates a hard surface that is also soft and attractive. One appealing trait of concrete is its ability to change color when splashed with water.



Another of the finest bathrooms ideas for men I would recommend is wood surfaces. It is quite popular for use in a male bathroom. Wood texture creates a rugged environment that is reminiscent of the outdoors.

This help to create a refined and natural interior that implies masculinity. The wood creates a warm feel that is soothing and inviting. The wooden bathroom cabinets and vanities give that masculine feel.

Wood is another awesome option for masculine bathrooms. By using wood textures, it brings out a sense of ruggedness. It is also a nice way to bring the outdoors into the bathroom. The wood naturally implies masculinity while at the same time being warm and aesthetic.


Industrial Design Elements and Metal Accents

Using metallic faucets and accents is another of the great male bathroom ideas for 2019 I would recommend. The materials such as bronze, iron, brass, and copper represent durability and toughness, which resonates with masculinity.

A male bathroom should avoid being overly ornate. However, the metal accents can help to create a sense of antique that adds some sophistication to the bathroom setting. Some of the elements you can include in industrial design are metal pipes, copper tubing, and chains.


Subway Tiles

For the walls of the bathroom, you can subway tiles to give a masculine feel. Based on the grout color you pick, they can be used to create contrast. The look of these tiles is perfect for a man’s bathroom. The reason is that it is often used to represent reliability and independence. The clear surfaces and sharp lines remind you of modern design features. This is an area where masculine design borrows heavily.


Enclosed Shower

Glass shower doors are quite popular in modern bathrooms. They manage to combine minimalism and functionality. In a male bathroom, the glass shower enclosures help to create this effect. Instead of curtains that are feminine, glass creates a stylish enclosure in which to shower. Firmly attached glass creates a feeling of stability and strength.


Wide Spaces

Besides helping to make a bathroom feel masculine, wide spaces serve a functional purpose. Males are naturally larger than females. Thus, they require more space. For instance, performing basic things such as undressing or drying off can be a challenge in a tiny bathroom.


Open Shelf Vanities

 Most male bathrooms feature open shelf vanities. They usually do not have the decorative aspect of multiple drawers and cabinets. The vanities are quite functional since they are easy to access. Instead of throwing used clothes on the floor, open shelves make it easy to access items without having to bend.


Floating Vanities

Most male bathrooms have these types of vanities due to the eye-catching design. They appear to float and do not touch the ground. This is because they use mounts attached to the wall. For a male bathroom with floating vanities, it creates a sense of intrigue and mystery. It makes the bathroom seem futuristic. Despite this appearance, these vanities create a masculine aesthetic that is great for a man’s bathroom.


Create a Feeling of History

By using antiques, it can lead to a sense of history. Various ways can help achieve this feeling of history. One of the easiest methods is hanging a picture that references a given time in history. For instance, it could be a black and white image of a soldier in traditional regalia from a past period.

The other way to achieve this sense of history is to install vintage pieces. For instance, you can purchase a vintage shaving kit placed on the countertop. Additionally, you can incorporate vintage style vanities in the bathroom. Using antique pieces creates a sense of a man who is in touch with his past. Visit various yard sales or even the local flea market. You might find a piece that you could renovate and us in your bathroom.


Use Some Plants

It is easy to think of spaces with plants as feminine, but this is not always the case. Many plants without flowers can make a bathroom masculine. For instance, you could plant a cactus plant if the bathroom is large enough. You may also decide to use an arrangement of stems and branches that create the illusion of a plant.

Masculine Bathroom Ideas & Inspirations for 2019


Use Some Great Wall Art

While spaces with art pieces could seem feminine, plenty of art pieces show masculinity. Simply take time to shop around for the right piece. Identifying art might not be easy. However, with enough effort, you will find a piece that works great for you. Take a week off and visit your local gallery. Here you can pick a piece that will bring out that masculine vibe you desire.

Masculine bathrooms can be quite easy to decorate. However, keep in mind that you must pick something you like since you are the one who will use it.


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