Masculine Bathroom Designs: Top 3 Choices

If you're sick to death of pastel pink and can't stand the sight of one more frill, it might be time to switch over to a masculine decor style in your master bathroom. Masculine decor is easily recognizable due to its dark colors and angular designs, but pulling off a perfectly masculine bathroom takes a practiced hand and a significant degree of knowledge regarding the intricacies of the masculine decor style. In this guide, we'll tell you what masculine decor is all about and introduce you to our top three masculine bathroom designs.


What Is Masculine Decor?

Masculine decor is a decor style that seeks to eliminate womanly frills in search of a dark, angular environment that evokes the active and rational aspects of masculinity. This decor style doesn't usually go so far as to seem cold, but it certainly isn't warm and cuddly. Here are some of the central aspects of masculine decor:

Masculine Bathroom Designs Top 3 Choices


Dark Color Schemes

While most masculine rooms aren't black all the way around, they do mainly incorporate dark colors. Dark gray, dark brown, and black are commonly used colors in masculine decor, and other tones like light gray and white may be thrown into the mix to offset this predominantly dark style.


Angular Patterns

Feminine decor is all about rounded edges, circles, and fuzzy shapes, but masculine decor revels in the angular and sharp. Big, blocky rectangles are popular aspects of this decor style, and right angles are abundant. In some cases, other types of angles may be present, and layers of blocky objects are popular types of wall coverings in masculine rooms.


Mixed Textures

Rooms that have been decorated in a masculine style generally have a wide variety of different types of textures. One area, such as the wall behind the showerhead, may be rough to the touch, but another area, such as the countertop, may be made from the smoothest marble available. In addition, metallic surfaces are popular in masculine bathrooms, and the area where masculine and industrial decor overlap the most is in the way that both styles insist on using exposed metal pipes and other items that would seemingly be more fitting on the factory floor.


Abundant Accessories

Many masculine bathrooms may be minimal, but they're anything but stark. Accessories are abundant in masculine bathrooms, and whether it's an antique razor stand or a vintage '50s metallic tissue box, there are plenty of visually interesting things in masculine bathrooms.


Leather Everywhere

Since it isn't very resistant to moisture, leather isn't as common in masculine bathrooms as it is in other masculine rooms, but this substance still might be used in areas where water doesn't commonly go. Even if there's no actual leather present, many masculine bathrooms feature the same dark brown and black colors that are commonly associated with this type of fabric.

Masculine Bathroom Designs Top 3 Choices


Masculine Bathroom Design #1

For this bathroom design, you'll need to start by bringing the outside in; it involves a central full-length window, so setting up an outdoor screen of bamboo might be a good choice if your bathroom is oriented in an area of your house where your neighbors might see inside.

From there, you'll want to take an industrial approach with the flooring in your bathroom; leave it unfinished, and use industrial concrete to give your floors a stark, minimalist vibe. Allow the concrete to creep its way up your walls as well, and keep the lighting simple in your new bathroom to create a moody look.

A simple straight-across treated board will do as a bathroom countertop, and stick a basin sink on top of this counter to complete the effect. Your bathroom sink faucets should be mounted on the wall, and you might want to have a shower in the corner with no shower walls to make your bathroom look extra manly. If you take this approach, of course, you'll need to install drains in the floor of your bathroom.


Masculine Bathroom Design #2

For this masculine bathroom idea, you'll need to start by portioning off a large section of your bathroom for a shower room. Shower rooms are the biggest types of showers that you can build, and they provide plenty of space for you to rinse off in the morning or take your time while washing your hair on the weekends.

From there, you'll want to use the same stone tile on the floors and walls. Make sure that this tile wraps around the walls into your shower room to create a seamless effect. For your countertop, use a thick slab of marble that counterpoises the color scheme of your floor tile.

Under-counter sinks work best for this arrangement, and you should use angular wood panels for your cabinets. Since this bathroom is supposed to be as masculine as possible, it won't be necessary to add any colorful features. However, a small, tasteful painting over the toilet might be a good touch.

Masculine Bathroom Designs Top 3 Choices


Masculine Bathroom Design #3

This ultra-modern bathroom will blow your guests away. It's filled to the brim with recessed lighting, dark stone tones, and intriguing features that simply scream masculinity.

Instead of a traditional shower room, one section of this masculine bathroom is set aside for the shower, and it has a small island between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom to cut down on splashing. Make the walls in this bathroom dark, and make them tile. As a finishing touch, place a feature in the middle of the countertop consisting of dark stones that look like they were effortlessly stacked there.

If you want, you can split this bathroom in two and have sinks on opposite sides of the room. For the flooring, use light-colored stone tile, and use light gray marble or granite for the countertops.

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