Marble and Wood Combination in Your Bathroom

No matter how you use it, marble is a beautiful material that adds an air of class and splendor to any room. On the other hand, many homeowners and interior decorators overlook wood as a decor material, but they shouldn't. While it's true that untreated wood will decay quickly, there are ways to treat wood that ensure it will survive for just as long as any other popular bathroom material. But the true power of each substance only becomes apparent when you combine them together; wood and marble complement each other excellently, and this super combo brings an aura of light and beauty to your bathroom that can't be beat. Here are some tips on how to bring this aesthetic ideal to life in your own bathroom.


Marble Tile and Wood Panels

Whichever type of marble you use, one place in which this material reaches its peak potential is in tile flooring. Marble floors that stretch from wall to wall only achieve their peak aesthetic potential when you combine them with wood panels, however, so you should consider which type of wood you want to place on your walls to complement your rich marble grains. Cedar is an excellent aromatic choice, but the light color palette of birch might flow with your floors better. While many homeowners choose types of wood that don't have very prominent grains to ensure that they won't clash with their marble floors, you might want to choose a grainy wood like oak for your walls if you want to ensure that the swirls you see on your floor make their wall up to your ceilings. And, when it comes to your ceilings, you might want to invest in more wood panels to create a darker, earthier appearance that you break up with a light, swirling marble floor.


Wood Cabinets and Marble Countertops

This idea provides you with a way to combine wood and marble in a single bathroom feature, and it's one of the most common ways to combine these two materials in your bathroom. Many homeowners decide to invest in big bathroom cabinets to make sure that they have plenty of places to store all of their toiletries, but it's usually best to cover these wooden cabinets with another material to protect the wood and provide a varied appearance. Whichever type of material their cabinets are made from, homeowners love covering these cabinets with marble, and there are tons of different ways that you can combine wood and marble in your cabinets. For instance, you might want to choose a light-colored type of marble and combine it with dark wood, or you might want to choose a more colorful type of marble and combine it with a light wood like birch. Add some marble sinks to complete the effect.

Marble and Wood Combination in Your Bathroom



Marble Tub with a Wood Exterior

Nothing is more surprising than a marble tub that's disguised by wood panels. While the surprise might wear off for you after a few nice soaks, your guests will still be stunned to see the smooth and glorious marble insides of your tasteful wooden bath. Viewed from the side, this type of tub looks just like a traditional Japanese cedar soaker, but as soon as you get close, the intricate grains in the marble within offer quite the surprise. As you soak in your new tub, you'll be pleased by the light color that pervades the water as it's contrasted by the dark wood that provides it with support and a secretive vibe.


Wood Flooring with a Marble Bath

If you want the marble in your bath to stand out bright and clear, then you might want to use wood on your floors. There are plenty of different kinds of wood that you can use as flooring in your bathroom, but cedar may be the best pick. Cedar is a known antibacterial wood, which means that it will stay clean no matter how many kids or pets you may have. This wood is also beautiful in appearance, and it lets off a subtle but pleasant odor even when it's been treated to avoid damage. Other examples of hardwoods that you can use for flooring include oak and birch, and whichever wood you use, you'll find that it serves as the perfect pedestal for a marble bathtub that's full of beautiful grains.

Marble and Wood Combination in Your Bathroom


Wood Sinks and Marble Walls

While many homeowners think to have marble on their countertops, few go so far as to employ the power of marble on their walls. However, if you decide to coat the walls in your bathroom with marble, you'll achieve a unique aesthetic effect that will be the envy of your friends and family, and the best way to accentuate this unique appearance is to deploy a tasteful wooden sink or two. If you use the right type of wood, your beautiful wooden sink will last for decades, and decor enthusiasts have used hardwoods like hinoki and teak for centuries for the water-resistant qualities that these woods have. Despite the long track record of excellence that wooden sinks have in places like Japan and Denmark, most Westerners are still relatively skeptical about this type of sink, which means that you'll probably be the first person on your block to use wooden sinks in your bathroom. Whether you make the sinks in your bathroom the only wooden components in the area or you also incorporate wood floors or a wooden tub, your sinks will be the center of attention whenever someone asks to use your beautiful new bathroom. While you're at it, you might as well pair your wooden sink with marble faucets for a truly eclectic look.

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