Kitchen Designs for 2019 - What Are The New Hot Trends

The coming year offers bold, minimal kitchen design with natural materials and high-tech appliances.

Start planning for the kitchen trends 2019 will bring now. Save that holiday money for a remodel, renovation or simply an appliance update or put it on your gift list. The latest trends in kitchen design avoid a too trendy look.

There are new colors. You’ll spot them in unusual places. Non-traditional materials pop up in unique spots, too, like the interior of ovens. Vintage looks keep growing in popularity, but rather than an overall design, look for vintage options in knobs, pulls and fixtures. Appliances, on the other hand, move into the ultra-modern realm with sleeker designs, reconfigured interiors and smart features.


 Color Everywhere

2019 promises a continuation of the popularity of gray tones and natural hardwood tones like oak and pine in the kitchen. It also brings a burst of bright color in royal blue, candy apple red, sunny yellow and more.

You’ll find this on far more than just walls. Appliances received an updated look at mid-2018. Choose a neutral tone for walls and update the kitchen’s look on whim by swapping out the interchangeable doors on the Bosch Vario Style fridge/freezer. Match your mood with door panels in Aqua, Cherry Red and Sunflower. Choose a regal look with appliances that match Le Creuset’s purple casserole dishes. It collaborated with Italy’s Steel to offer ranges, range hoods and refrigerators in purple. Steel used the hue in its Ascot, Genesi and Oxford models.

Look for the “it” color of the season, rust, to appear in paints, cabinets and housewares. Some manufacturers refer to it as wine, but the hues remain the same. It appears on tablecloths, napkins, small appliances and cabinets. On cabinets it tones the metal doors of Minacciolo’s new Minà line and Caesarstone’s Metropolitan collection, especially 4046 Excava. Minacciolo also uses it on its multi-purpose Minà Island.


 Non-Traditional Materials

In the upcoming year, industrial concrete, granite, metal, porcelain, quartz and reclaimed wood join marble as the go to materials for counter tops. The new flooring choice may at first read make you recall the 1970s, but the new vinyl in no way resembles the vinyl flooring sheets laid in those avocado hued kitchens. The new trends in material design round out with terrazzo. Look for it on countertops, table tops and islands. It joins the Caesarstone’s Metropolitan line as 4601 Frozen Terra.


 Vintage Looks

Even in modern designs a bit of vintage inspiration pops up. Find it in the little details like fixtures in copper and brass. Brass brings its shine to handles and taps in nickel and yellow golden hues. It also lends its glamour in plug sockets and small appliances.

While copper already appears in kitchens in pots, pans, kettles and fixtures it continues the takeover in 2019. Find it in small and large appliances, including the latest built-in ovens. The new De Dietrich and Smeg ovens offer copper trim, but Bertazzoni went full copper for one of the releases in its new Modern collection.

Kitchen Designs for 2019 - What Are The New Hot Trends


 Heavy Duty Appliances

While ovens got the new look, dishwashers and freezer/refrigerators get the new interior design. The latest dishwasher designs feature a third rack to expand the cleaning capabilities of the appliance. The Cove model from Sub-Zero Wolf provides 43 jets and three spray arms to scour bits of food and grease from dishes, glassware and utensils. Its adjustable racks and tines let the consumer clean tall glasses and oval and square dishes. It middle rack angles so water runs off. The Cove offers a hotter rinse than prior models, plus a drying fan.

The sous vide rage has taken over. In kitchens everywhere in 2019, people with use vacuum sealing to ready their food for boiling or simmering. Popular models include the Anova sous vide, LG’s Signature Kitchen Suite 48-inch range boasting a built-in sous vide and the Electrolux 30-inch electric wall oven. The latter offers an air sous vide. Gaggenau goes one better with its vacuum drawer. Seal food in a bag for cooking sous vide or seal or reseal wine bottles. Home brewers have a new gadget to acquire.

Kitchen Designs for 2019 - What Are The New Hot Trends


 Design Details

The humble backsplash, long a tried and true feature of custom kitchens, gets an update. Use the new terrazzo tiles or explore the latest Ted Baker collection. It takes the angle of makeup, offering cool and warm palettes. The new collection introduces three designs. Copper shows up here, too, as hand-aged tiles for the backsplash.

Another hallmark of the latest custom kitchens hearkens back to another era - hand-painted finishes. Juxtapose that with luxury vinyl flooring. Dovetail’s new vinyl looks like tiles, offering repeated geometric patterns in bold colors like Oxford Blue and Ink Black. Flax, Lavastone and Ochre round out the possibilities. Its durable elegance gives a kitchen flooring made for trampling by a herd of wildebeast or a kid’s soccer team.

Glass provides another elegant touch to kitchen décor. It hides the working parts of Ernestomeda’s Inside System range with folding fluted-glass doors. Behind the glass, find a range, larder and wine storage. Use a glass framed fan to protect the beauty of a minimalist kitchen. Falmec introduced its Alba design the mounts nearly flush to the ceiling and features a backlit LED.

While copper moved to the interior, look for marble making big moves, too. DeVOL introduces marble butler sinks. It’s Carrara line offers two options: Milano Penthouse or Tuscan Farmhouse.

Two overall “looks” pervade – traditional Shaker and an extreme minimalist that even uses recessed and hidden handles on cabinets and drawers to produce a clean, smooth look. Appliances go handless, too. The new refrigerators open when you press against the door as do the latest dishwashers.

No one’s saying you need to integrate every one of the kitchen trends 2019 brings. It’s likely you’ll find at least one or two you enjoy though and why not ring in the new year with increased form and function to the busiest room in the home?


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