Kitchen and Bathroom Trends for 2020

There’s never been a better time to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. The current year has been a big one for bathroom and kitchen design, but we’re expecting that 2020’s updates to the reigning orthodoxy of interior decor will be even more intense. To help keep you up to date, here are some of the most important kitchen and bathroom trends for 2020 that will change the way you see bathroom vanities and kitchen faucets forever.

Shiny Metallic Sinks Are In

Your kitchen sink is likely the one feature in your kitchen that you haven’t updated very regularly over the last few years. While you know that farmhouse-style sinks became inexplicably popular recently, none of these sink trends have become popular enough to, well, sink in.

Therefore, your yearly kitchen upgrade budget might be best-spent by investing in the latest rage that’s sweeping through kitchens across the nation: Ornate, metallic sinks.

These sinks are generally made from materials like hammered copper, but brass and steel are also ideal metals for creating the ideal ornate sink for your kitchen. Whether it’s in your kitchen or your bathroom, investing in a new metal sink will increase your home’s resale value and give you something bright and shiny to look at as you make your daily rounds through your home.

Kitchen and Bathroom Trends for 2020

Make the Switch from Stainless

It appears that the world of interior decor has now firmly moved away from the stainless steel revolution that swept the market in the late 2010s. While strict adherents to this trend might lament this chain of events, stainless steel kitchens are so last year, and it’s now time to embrace the newest generation of appliances and features that are replacing their dated stainless steel counterparts.

In some cases, the brushed metal trend is still in, but the color has changed. Whether it’s pewter or gold, brushed metal refrigerators will still look great in kitchens in 2020. All you really need to do is change the color of the alloy that your fridge is plated with, and you’ll be good to go. At the same time, however, primary colors are coming back into style, so you might want to get ahead of the trend that will be shaping interior design over the next five years or so.

Embrace the Colored Appliance Revolution

From fridges to dishwashers, bright, bold, primary colors are making a huge comeback in kitchens worldwide. In fact, pastel shades are also becoming increasingly popular for kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances, but more than anything else, it’s becoming common to see blue, yellow, and red appliances everywhere you go.

The nice thing about basic colors is you don’t have to match all the appliances and features in your space to create an alluring effect. All three of the primary colors go well together, and it might be time to break out your color wheel to make a unique and attractive palette in your trendy home.

Those Wall-Mounted Cabinets Have to Go

The idea of getting rid of the wall-mounted cabinets in your kitchen might seem too crazy to bear. After all, where will you put all your cups, plates, and bowls with that ideal storage space eliminated from your available options? Nonetheless, with-it homeowners across the country are ditching their wall-mounted cabinets and basking in the emptiness of their suddenly liberated kitchens.

With your cabinets off the walls, you’ll have tons of space to hang pictures or simply enjoy the expansiveness of your walls as they tower toward the ceiling. Don’t worry; there are lots of other kitchen storage techniques you can tackle to make up for the loss of your precious cabinets. Just remember to keep your old cabinets in the garage or the shed to reuse for future DIY projects.

Try Metal Shelving Instead

In the absence of your traditional kitchen cabinets, you might want to give wall-mounted metal shelving a try. This type of exposed metal look is set to become increasingly popular in 2020, and if you jump on the bandwagon now, you’ll be able to impress all your friends and neighbors when this trend fully kicks in.

Whether you want to install bare metal shelves or put up some lightweight metal shelves with glass cabinet doors, just remember to match your alloy’s color with the other features and appliances that are arrayed throughout your kitchen. If you have cabinets in your bathroom, you might want to remove those as well and replace them with metal equivalents.

I’m Not Dreaming of a White Kitchen

Just like stainless steel appliances, white kitchens are now the very definition of passe. White kitchens have always been ridiculously hard to clean, which is why it’s no surprise that homeowners everywhere are happy to embrace this coming 2020 kitchen design trend with open arms.

It might be a little bit crazy to eliminate the color white from your kitchen entirely, but at the same time, replacing select white features and walls with different colors is a great way to distinguish your kitchen from the styles of the past. Try replacing that white tile backsplash with something festive, and consider painting your lower cabinets and drawers royal blue or hunter green.

Kitchen and Bathroom Trends for 2020

Slather It in Gold

It’s understandable if you don’t want to invest in a lot of real gold during your remodeling process. After all, your kitchen and bathroom are both supposed to be functional as well as pretty, and you might be out of a home entirely if you spend too much money on this rare and expensive element.

At the same time, brass and gold plating achieve the same effect, and gold leaf isn’t all that expensive if you invest in it wisely and use it sparingly. No matter how you do it, make sure to incorporate as much gold as you can in your new 2020 kitchen and bathroom.

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