James Martin Vanities - History of High Quality

From the moment we came across James Martin Vanities, we knew that we’d found the perfect match for our high-end furniture platform. This company’s bathroom vanities look beautiful, and they’re backed by a commitment to excellence that we found compelling. Learn more about James Martin Vanities and why we’re proud to offer these impressive bathroom features here at Room to Rooms.

The James Martin Story

The James Martin Vanities story begins 17 years ago when aspiring business partners got together to create a furniture company unlike any other. Together, the management at James Martin Vanities has more than a century of experience in the furniture industry, and this company leverages this extensive experience to make vanities that utterly surpass the quality of competing brands.

Taking inspiration from Old-World furniture designs, James Martin Vanities uses cutting-edge technology to craft high-quality vanities for the contemporary age. While it’s rare to see vanities like those offered by James Martin anymore, these bathroom features incorporate the latest and best advancements in furniture-making technology to deliver top-tier results to homeowners around the world.

Whether you want to furnish your home, office, or hotel, a James Martin vanity would be a valuable addition to your bathroom. This company has more than 20 distinct types of vanities to choose from as you select a style that will fit in perfectly with your décor.

James Martin Vanities - History of High Quality


How Are James Martin Vanities Made?

Every James Martin vanity is handcrafted to uphold this company’s strong commitment to quality. The process of making a James Martin vanity begins when buyers select a source of wood that has attributes that result in high-quality furniture. Then, a sample of each lot of wood is moisture tested to make sure that it won’t have any issues with rot or mold.

Next, James Martin’s expert team of craftsmen get to work. This company does not use machine manufacturing at any stage of the process; James Martin craftsmen measure, cut, and shape each piece of wood by hand to provide the look and feel of Old-World furniture.

Throughout the manufacturing process, a team of quality assurance specialists makes sure that no errors occur. Once James Martin craftsmen have successfully cut and shaped each part of a vanity, they apply multiple layers of furniture to create a rich and smooth texture.

Before James Martin packs or ships a vanity, a quality assurance team looks over the finished product to assess its adherence to this company’s quality standards. While James Martin vanities may look similar to each other, every vanity is unique.

James Martin Vanities - History of High Quality


Quality, Style, and Value

James Martin Vanities follows three guiding principles: quality, style, and value. These principles inform every decision that this company makes from the smallest sale to the biggest company-wide changes. One look at a James Martin vanity is enough to establish that this company takes its guiding principles very seriously.

Every James Martin vanity features vertical supports, which distribute weight and improve the durability of the vanity. They also include corner brackets, which are also known as gussets, to reinforce the corners of the cabinets.

The bottom of a James Martin vanity drawer features brushed aluminum laminate, which is impervious to water. This surface is easy to clean, and James Martin vanity drawers feature English dovetail joinery, which furniture experts universally acclaim as one of the most durable types of joinery in existence.

To accommodate for pipes and other obstructions, James Martin vanities can feature narrow or short drawers. This company’s cabinet doors boast soft-close hinges, which ensure that you’ll never slam your cabinet doors on accident. Plus, these vanities come with full back panels, which makes it easy to cut holes for pipes exactly where you need them.

James Martin Vanities - History of High Quality


Unlike other manufacturers that cut corners and produce furniture that will fall apart in a matter of years, James Martin builds its vanities to last. In the same way that you inherited a desk from your great-grandmother that looked the same as it did the day it was made, your James Martin vanity will be an heirloom your family treasures for generations.

When you buy a James Martin vanity, you can rest assured that you’ll receive value equal to the amount you paid. Every aspect of a James Martin vanity exudes quality, and you’ll appreciate the difference that a truly high-end vanity makes in your bathroom.

James Martin Vanities - History of High Quality


Types of James Martin Countertops

Whether you prefer a vanity with a single vessel sink on top or a double vanity with undermount sinks, James Martin Vanities has a solution that will fit your needs. This company offers a variety of different countertop options that will satisfy your practical and aesthetic requirements.

James Martin Vanities - History of High Quality


Marble and Granite

Marble, granite, and other forms of natural stone feature beautiful veins and other imperfections that add life and vibrancy to your bathroom. These countertop materials come in many distinct colors and styles, and they have textures that manufactured stone and acrylic simply can’t match. However, natural stone is finicky, and it can be hard to clean.



Quartz countertops are good compromises between fully synthetic countertop materials and slabs of natural stone. These types of countertops consist of tiny pieces of ground quartz that manufacturers stick together with a special adhesive.

Countertops made with this material are low-maintenance and extremely durable, but they look and feel like natural stone. James Martin makes quartz vanity countertops in both Snow White and Shadow Gray, which gives you the opportunity to pick the shade that fits your bathroom décor best.


Solid Surface

Solid surface countertops are entirely synthetic, and they are some of the most durable countertops in the world. James Martin makes these countertops from a special kind of acrylic. While solid surface countertops don’t feel like stone, James Martin Vanities offers an acrylic countertop pattern called Arctic Fall that looks just like quarried marble.

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