Interior Design Trends for 2020

Every year brings with it its own interior design trends, and 2020 is destined to be an even more transformative year than most. The first two and second two digits of a year are only repeated once per century, and it’s possible that interior decorators are taking this nearly-astrological confluence as an opportunity to derive brand-new interior decoration trends that haven’t been seen in a long time. In this guide, we’ll provide you with insider information that will help you remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or any other part of your home.

Color Trends of 2020

In the world of interior design, colors are as fickle as the changing of the seasons. Here are a few of the shades that interior decor experts are certain will trend significantly in 2020:

1. Gray

They’re saying that gray is the new black these days, and who are we to disagree? This hue is definitely taking up a significant percentage of trendy walls these days, and with tons of different shades to choose from, no two gray interiors are exactly alike.

In 2020, however, mid-dark shades of gray are going to be dominant. Leave the light-gray for the year following; if you choose to repaint your kitchen, living room, or bathrooms this year, choose a stone gray, but veer away from shades that get too close to black. While jet black is still a big contender in 2020’s color scene, the truly trendy interiors are going all-gray in preparation for the upcoming year’s design trends.

2. Pink

We don’t want you to go overboard with bubblegum pink. Both light pink and magenta, however, are making significant headway in 2019. By 2020, interior designers will have recognized the obvious truth: Pink and gray go well together.

Interior Design Trends for 2020

3. Purple

What’s pink without a little bit of purple, however? All the way from deep purple to where the spectrum starts swinging over to magenta, purple is also going to be a very “in” color in 2020. If you’re planning to repaint your entire house this year, shades of gray accompanied by offbeat pink and purple hues would be great choices.

Material Trends of 2020

Materials come in and out of style almost as rapidly as particular hues and shades. In 2020, expect the following common materials surge into sudden significance:

1. Dark Wood

Whether it’s teak or walnut, dark wood is going to blend perfectly with the notes of pink and purple that are already coming to the fore in preparation for 2020. Even if you don’t feel like splurging on dark hardwood, you can add a dark wood finish or veneer to existing features to bring in the new year in style.

Interior Design Trends for 2020

2. Mahogany

There’s no substitute for genuine, rich mahogany. While this material can’t really be classified as dark wood, it’s a smooth synthesis of both the lighter and darker shades on the wood market. Any home would benefit from the addition of mahogany in 2020.

3. Wicker, Jute, and Rattan

An increasing emphasis on sustainable materials is making plant-based decor items come back into style. Whether you decide to install rattan ceiling panels or try some wicker wall coverings, just remember that natural, sustainable materials are all the rage. If you want to be ready for 2022 or 2023, throw some hemp decor into the bag as well.

Other Top Materials & Styles of 2020

We’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to the interior decor materials and styles that 2020 will surely bring. Here are a few examples of other materials and decor themes you should keep an eye out for in the coming year:

1. Leather

Consumers are becoming savvier about the potential dangers of upholstery and faux leather, and they’re swarming to the genuine article in droves. Whether it’s light, dark, or somewhere in-between, leather will be a big-ticket item in 2020. Consider investing in some leather sofas or dining room chairs to get ahead of the curve.

2. Metal

From gold to brass to stainless steel, metal fixtures and decor are coming back into style. While stainless steel had its heyday in the kitchen circa 2015, this material is still wildly popular in other contexts, and gold and gold-hued items are becoming popular more rapidly than anyone can expect.

In 2020, it won’t be gaudy to choose gold-colored kitchen sink faucets⁠—it will be chic. Plus, you might want to think about having that stainless steel refrigerator replated; insiders say that gold-hued fridges will be all the rage in the coming years, so it might already be time to make the switch today.

3. Primary Colors

Even seasoned interior decorators have been taken aback by the sudden resurgence of primary colors onto the decor scene. Not seen since the 1970s (and then again briefly in the mid-1990s), 2020 is the year in which primary colors in appliances and features will finally make a comeback.

While we don’t recommend that you paint one wall in your living room red, another blue, and another yellow, we do suggest that now’s the time to invest in a bright-yellow refrigerator or a cool blue stove. At first, primary colors might look too brazen and brash in your new kitchen, but as the remaining elements come into place, you’ll understand why red, blue, and yellow have become, once again, the standby shades in modern homes.

2020 Decor Themes: The Bottom Line

The experts agree: 2020 will be a transformative year in the world of interior decor. Whether you’re dead set on replacing your kitchen faucet this year or you have your eye on a new bathroom vanity, there’s never been a better time to do something bold in your home. Who knows what 2020 will bring? Whatever comes, we at Room to Rooms will continue to do our best to guide you through these tumultuous times in interior decor history.

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