Industrial Bathroom Designs & Why They Are Popular

Industrial Bathroom Designs & Why They Are Popular

While some homeowners and interior designers might want to go for the ostentatious approach with lots of marble and hardwood, other innovators with an eye for style decide to go for the industrial look instead. This simple design motif has garnered a major following around the world, and it's just as tasteful when applied in the bathroom as it is anywhere else in the home. But what exactly is industrial style, and how can you deploy it in the bathroom of your dreams?


 What Is Industrial Style?

 Industrial style is designed to evoke the aesthetics of the factory floor. While homes that are decorated in the motif of industrial interior design include features like exposed pipes and ducts, this sharp and brash setting is counterpoised by comfortable and eclectic furniture like leather sofas and vintage dining chairs.

 Industrial style makes use of an excess of wood and metal surfaces, and exposed brick is another common theme in homes that have been decorated in this design tradition. Use of reclaimed materials is a ubiquitous theme of industrial style, and it's common to see old signs, doors, and cabinets repurposed to add a unique flair to industrial kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

 One of the hallmarks of industrial style is wide open spaces. Living spaces that have been decorated in this design motif often include high ceilings and large rooms with not a lot in them. However, eclecticism is a vital aspect of industrial design, and it's common to find odd knick-knacks or vintage statuettes interspersed throughout an industrial-style home.

Industrial Bathroom Designs & Why They Are Popular


 What Do Industrial Bathrooms Look Like?

 When you step into the bathroom of a home that's been decorated in industrial style, you might suffer a moment's hesitation while you consider whether or not it's safe. While the majority of industrial-style bathrooms have new fixtures and decor while simply borrowing from the minimalistic motif that makes this style unique, others may incorporate features that would look more at home on the factory floor than in the place that you preen and clean every day.

 For instance, while all industrial bathrooms include bare necessities like toilets, showers, and sinks, they might also incorporate industrial lighting fixtures, frameless mirrors, or blank concrete walls. In some cases, bathrooms that have been decorated in industrial style might even feature bare PVC pipes for water faucets or exposed steel beams inches over your head.

 Once you've taken a moment to adjust to your overtly masculine and subtly imposing surroundings, you'll be able to appreciate the unmistakable allure of an industrial-style bathroom. After all, these minimalistic spaces bear the unique fingerprints of the artist who designed them, and they exist as living works of art for the owner of a home to enjoy as they go through their daily routine.

 And, obviously, any of the dangerous aspects of an actual industrial setting are carefully left out of industrial-style bathrooms. Decorators who employ this style understand that the seemingly uncomfortable initial appearance of industrial living settings provides an excellent counterpoint that allows you to enjoy the luxurious comforts of these bathrooms with a wry sense of appreciation.

Industrial Bathroom Designs & Why They Are Popular


 Why Are These Bathrooms so Popular?

 One look at an industrial-style bathroom is enough to see why these interior settings have become so popular. Nothing screams "unique" quite like an industrial bathroom; even the most ostentatious, deluxe bathrooms pale in comparison to the artistic simplicity of an industrial bathroom done right.

 However, mere surface appearances don't tell the full story when it comes to the rising popularity of this decor style. Industrial interior settings also hearken back to a time in which manufacturing settings were the places in which the world's wealth was won and dispersed; the Western factory floor has always been a place of innovation, creativity, and accomplishment, and homeowners can share in this time-honored mystique every time that they return home from our disjointed postmodern world.

 In a way, industrial bathrooms are almost meditative. They block out all of the bright colors and busy lines that typify the bathrooms of other homes, and they provide a place to soak, groom, or decompress that feels like your own private dimension outside of the space and time that you share with others in the social world. Also, while most people don't set out to create a one-of-a-kind industrial-style bathroom on a shoestring budget, using reclaimed materials and minimalistic designs can help you apply your resources in the most concentrated way possible.

 Whether you decide to construct an industrial bathroom that's all white, all black, or somewhere in-between, you'll be provided with the opportunity to give birth to a home setting unlike any other. You'll be entering into a community of like-minded individuals, and you should definitely share your work with the world once your bathroom is complete.


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