How to Prepare Your Bathroom for Guests

Your bathroom is the most intimate part of your home, and the prospect of sharing your vanity, toilet, and shower with one or more guests is enough to panic even the cleanliest homeowner. With these pro tips, however, you can make sure that you’re fully prepared for every aspect of your impending visit.

1. Get Rid of the Clutter

Getting your bathroom ready for guests doesn’t require a complete remodel, but it is the perfect chance to cut down on the bathroom clutter that is stifling you even when guests aren’t around. Over time, you can add more and more unnecessary objects to your toiletries and bathroom accessories, and getting all of these items out of the way ahead of time will make cleaning easier.


Do you really want your guests seeing all the medications you use every day? Plus, keeping your pills in your humid bathroom degrades their quality, so you’re better off keeping them in a drier and more private place anyway.


If you’re addicted to beauty, your cosmetics can get out of hand quickly. Even if you take great care not to get foundation all over your countertops or stain your sink with eyeliner, having a lot of makeup scattered around isn’t a wonderful way to make a first impression. Keep your cosmetics out of sight, and preparing for company provides the perfect opportunity to perform a purge of the makeup that you don’t use.


While you might enjoy hanging decorative towels everywhere, your guests may find that these frilly accessories are just in the way. The more decorative towels that you put away, the more room you’ll have to hang the towels you’ll need to keep everyone comfortable and dry throughout their visit.

Beauty Appliances

When you’re expecting guests, hair straighteners and hairdryers don’t belong on your counter; they belong in a drawer. Even if taking your appliances out every time you need to use them is inconvenient, your guests will appreciate the extra counter space.

Décor Items

Cute figurines, scented candles, and essential oil diffusers might be right up your alley, but when you’re planning to share space with guests, it’s best to put these items away until you have your bathroom to yourself again. Leave out a candle or two, however, that your guests can use if they choose.

How to Prepare Your Bathroom for Guests

2. Do a Deep Clean

With all your clutter out of the way, it’s time to tackle the dirt and grime that you’ve allowed to accumulate in your bathroom. Even if you’re a meticulous bathroom cleaner and every surface in your grooming area shines like the sun, there’s always more work to do.

Start with your mirrors, and work your way down. Your counter and sink are obvious candidates for a thorough cleaning, but don’t forget to wipe down your drawers and the sides of your vanity as well.

Next, tackle the part you’re avoiding: your toilet. Give it a thorough cleaning inside and out, and make sure that the sides and the base of your toilet sparkle. Move on to your shower and tub, and finish things off with a complete sweeping and mopping of your floors.

3. Do Some Extra Laundry

If you want your guests to be comfortable when they arrive, you’ll need to put some extra effort into your weekly laundry routine. Remember that you’ll need to have towels ready for everyone, and if the laundry basket in your bathroom is starting to fill up, you’ll need to empty it as part of your effort to cut down on clutter.

Bath towels aren’t the only linens you should wash before you have company. You’ll also need to make sure that all your hand towels and washcloths are ready to go, and if you have any bathmats in your bathroom, wash them as well. Lastly, don’t forget your exterior shower curtain; you may have never washed this item since you bought it, but now is an appropriate time to give your shower curtain a refresher.

4. Set Aside a Special Guest Toiletry Basket

Nothing will make your guests feel more at home than having their own places to put their toiletries and their other bathroom supplies. Set aside an attractive basket for this purpose, and feature it prominently on your counter once you’re done cleaning.

A toiletry basket is a wonderful way to welcome your guests, and it also helps you avoid confusion while you have guests in the home. When you set aside a designated place for your guests to put their bathroom items, there’s no chance that you’ll mix up medications or use the wrong makeup by mistake.

5. Ask Your Guests About Their Preferences

There’s nothing worse than getting your entire bathroom ready for guests only to realize that one of the people you’re hosting is allergic to lavender. Before you deck your bathroom out with toiletries that you’re sure your guests will love, reach out and ask them about their preferences.

Your guests may have restrictions in the types of toiletries they can use, and they may say that they prefer to bring their own toiletries, in which case all your efforts would have been for nothing. Save yourself a lot of time and heartache by firming things up with your guests ahead of time.

6. Throw in Some Special Features

Your guests pride themselves on being prepared, but it’s easy to forget things when you’re going on a long trip. While you’d certainly be happy to take your guests to the store to pick up any items they forgot, you can save time by setting aside some goodies for them to use during their stay. Having an extra toothbrush on hand is an obvious good move, but you should also pick up a hairbrush, a hand mirror, and a couple of disposable razors.

How to Prepare Your Bathroom for Guests

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