How Interior Design Adds Value to Your Home

As you get ready to remodel your home, keep your goals in mind. Do you simply want to add some flair to your kitchen, or do you want to make your bathrooms so attractive that your home will sell in a heartbeat when you’re ready to move on? Figuring out your future plans for your home is always a good idea, and there’s no better time than in the run-up to a remodel to decide exactly how you want to make your bathroom vanities or kitchen faucet look attractive to potential buyers. Here’s our analysis of the best ways to add value to your home with interior design.

What Is the Purpose of Interior Design?

Remember that the overall goal of redesigning your home is to increase its value. Whether it’s to increase the value you derive from hanging out in your home or the value you could end up deriving from selling your beloved house, every improvement you make to your home is intended to make the place where you live more valuable, not less.

Adding value to your home isn’t necessarily the same thing as making it pretty. While some homebuyers will be all about that glitz and glamor, many people just want a comfortable place to lay their heads at night. Features like high-end refrigerators are usually more attractive to homebuyers than gold leaf or solid marble floors. Just because something is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it adds value to your home except in name only.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with what home value means to you. Do plenty of research, and learn which home renovation techniques offer the best return-on-investment (ROI). Even if a particular approach doesn’t offer great ROI, you might want to pursue that path anyway if it combines with other value-oriented processes you’re embarking on in your home.

How Interior Design Adds Value to Your Home

Beautiful Interior Design Puts Your Home on the Map

During the quest to find the perfect home, the average homebuyer will look at dozens, if not hundreds, or different homes. No matter how detail-oriented a homebuyer might be, that’s way too many houses to remember each one perfectly. The only way to keep your home fresh in the minds of potential buyers is to invest heavily in interior design that will make a memorable impression.

Keep in mind that many aspects of your home’s interior design will go with you. Your tables, chairs, and sofas will all travel with you to your next abode, but that doesn’t mean your decorations won’t help you sell your house. The way you’ve currently decked out your home will give buyers an idea of the potential that your house has; even if they plan to overwrite almost every move you’ve made, the fact that you were able to make your home into such a polished specimen will leave a lasting impression with many of the potential buyers who come to view your house.

Buyers Will Pay More for Well-Designed Interiors

Nobody wants to have to get to work the moment they move into a new home. Therefore, homebuyers are more likely to jump for houses that have been designed effectively both inside and out. However, that’s not the only reason that buyers will pay more for houses with great interior design.

Many buyers are swayed by a psychological effect that tells the brain that a house is high-quality just because it looks nice. We’d never accuse you of covering up rotting floorboards with antique Persian rugs, but even if you were, a buyer would pay you more for your home just based on its appearance.

Plus, the vast majority of homebuyers are on the hunt for houses that are “move-in-ready.” Some investors and average homebuyers are actively searching for “fixer-upper” homes, but these buyers are a tiny minority. Most homebuyers are simply tired of the rental market and want a home they can call their own with no strings attached. The harder you try to make your home look like it’s inviting and simply dying to be lived in, the more likely that you’ll sell your home quickly and easily.

How Interior Design Adds Value to Your Home

How to Make Interior Design Increase Your Home Value

We’ll leave you with a few quick tips on how to use interior design as an asset in your attempts to sell your home:

1. Don’t Fall for Trends

Every year, new trends hit the interior design scene. However, less than 1% of homeowners actually incorporate these fleeting fads year-in and year-out. Most homebuyers couldn’t care less about how trendy your home is; they simply want something high-quality that will last a long time without causing too many problems.

Therefore, stick with timeless designs instead of jumping for the latest trend you see in an online publication. Since vital components of your decor will be removed when you move anyway, the beautiful, fashionable effect you’re going for will be in tatters the moment the moving truck drives away. Better to keep things simple and craft a home that you know someone will buy.

2. Keep Your Colors Neutral

Even if this year’s design trends call for tons of gray and purple, remember that you might not sell your home for years. By the time your house has changed hands to a happy buyer, today’s trends will be long gone, and your home’s future buyer will have to redecorate everything just to keep up. While a little bit of pastel green on one wall is hardly a deal-breaker, don’t go crazy as you choose the right hues for your redecorated home.

3. Stay Detail-Oriented

In the world of interior design, quality trumps quantity. Prospective buyers won’t care how many different new features you installed; they’ll want to know the brand names of all your appliances and what year you installed those hardwood floors.

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