How Bathroom Lighting Can Make or Break Your Home Space

It’s shocking how so few of our clients actually care to invest in high-quality bathroom lighting. Bathrooms have always been underrated in terms of interior lighting importance. You may be making a grave mistake by ignoring it though! Gone are the days of single-fixture bathroom lighting. The bathroom, today, serves as a refuge to many, when upset, when getting dressed for a night out, when relaxing in a soothing hot bath, showering, brushing, getting dressed, and so much more! It needs to have the right mood. When done with the right amount of patience and diligence, any bathroom can go from crappy to incredible with great lighting. It really is worth spending a few hours on getting the bathroom lighting right because, after all, it’s where you will be beginning and ending every day.

Task lighting is the approach we recommend you take for maximizing the magnificence and beauty of your bathrooms. This is where each part of the bathroom is assigned some degree of importance. Vanity lighting is the most important as these are the most oft-used lights in the washroom. When you take the task lighting approach, the shower never gets first dibs; remember that. For small bathrooms with clear glass stalls, you might not even need dedicated fixtures. Else, try putting in recessed light and a glass lens to accompany.

Common options available for bathroom lighting are listed below:

1. Ambient Lighting Systems: This kind is fairly easy to understand. It’s the usual ‘fill-in’ light and is often used as an alternative to natural lighting. Central fixtures are the typical source for ambient lighting. Other options include chandeliers and pendant lamps.

2. Accent Lighting: You could really add a whole different dimension to the bathroom with correctly places accent lighting. What’s popular nowadays is to build in a small and very recessed kind of spotlight that will you’re your main basin or specially installed decorative masterpiece in the bathroom. You could even angle out your recessed shower fixtures with accent lighting. If they face your tile work and fixtures, these bits of the room will constantly be glittering and highlighted when the lights are switched on.

3. Vanity Lighting: This piece of bathroom furniture requires specific lighting. You want it to be lighted with lamps on each side to be about 36-40 inches away from each, center of the fixture, and approximately eye level. This is the perfect setting to ensure even illumination on both sides of the face when grooming in the bathroom.

With the help of these easy and quick bathroom lighting tips, any interior decorator or DIY home decorator can add that exotic spin to their homes. Try them out today!

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