Hotel Bathroom Designs: Do You Really Need to See Each Other Use the Bathroom?

In the world of interior décor, hotels are often the trendsetters that decorators keep an eye on to determine which design features are likely to be popular over the next few years. For this reason, interior designers have looked on with deepening concern as a new trend has begun to rock the hotel bathroom landscape. Learn all about this new design feature and weigh the pros and cons of deploying it in your home bathroom redesign.

The Latest Trend in Bathroom Design: No Walls

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to see the toilet, shower, tub, and sink in your bathroom from your master bedroom, you’re in luck: Transparent bathrooms are currently all the rage. And no, we’re not talking about the see-through public restrooms that have been popping up across the country in recent years. This new trend brings all the thrills and chills of going number 1 and number 2 in a crystal-clear cubicle to the comfort of your own high-end hotel suite.

Hotels across the world are doing it, and hotel guests aren’t sure what to think. It appears that the majority of trendy hoteliers simply assume that only rich, Millennial couples will be renting out their rooms; if you come from an older generation in which flaunting your private parts isn’t the norm, you’re out of luck if you want to stay at the Hôtel Le Germain, the Sentido Aegean Pearl, or the Blue Woods Hotel.

For couples, having a hotel room with a glass wall between the bed and the bathroom isn’t all that bad. Some reviewers report that this design leads to “amusing” situations, and some guests even believe that being able to see their partners use the toilet simply adds to the romance of a classy getaway weekend.

Other guests who have stayed in these risqué hotel rooms, however, have different opinions on the matter. Guests who have stayed in glass-walled hotel rooms with their teenage children seem to be the most opposed to this design choice, and this group is followed closely in terms of disdain by adult children traveling with their older parents.

Hotel Bathroom Designs Do You Really Need to See Each Other Use the Bathroom


The Worst Part of the Open Design

As if having to ask the person you’re staying with to go to the lobby while you take a shower wasn’t bad enough, it’s impossible to go to the bathroom at night without waking your roommate with this new hotel bathroom design. The moment you flick the light switch in your bathroom, illumination floods into the bedroom area of your suite.

Given the fact that some new hotel rooms don’t even have glass walls separating their bathrooms and bedrooms, the mere sound of flushing the toilet is now enough to wake up your fellow guest. You shouldn’t have to feel incentivized to hold it all night in your own hotel room, but this controversial design trend is making many people uncomfortable in spaces areas where they should feel right at home.

Hotel Bathroom Designs Do You Really Need to See Each Other Use the Bathroom


Pros and Cons of the Open Design

Here are a few of the benefits and detractors of this design trend that’s sweeping the hotel industry:


  • Open design: Better ambient lighting and increased sense of open space.


  • No privacy: Kiss your private time goodbye.
  • Not suitable for families: Families traveling with children should be advised of this trend so they can pick different hotels.

Do You Want to Take the Anti-Privacy Approach in Your Own Bathroom?

What starts in hotels inevitably makes its way into the home, so it’s only a matter of time until homeowners start tearing down the walls between their bedrooms and bathrooms en masse and installing glass walls instead. However, will taking this approach really add value to your home, or will eliminating privacy in your master suite end up being a passing trend that takes away from your long-term home value?

Only make your bathroom truly open if you don’t mind losing all the privacy of being in the bathroom. Keep in mind that in addition to allowing your significant other to witness everything you do in the bathroom, you’ll also become a witness yourself. If you’d prefer to have the option of keeping certain things private, then you might want to avoid replacing your entire wall with glass an opt for a half measure instead.

3 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Open without Losing Privacy

If you don’t want to follow the hotel trend but you still want to incorporate more openness to your master bathroom design, give one of these three ideas a shot:

1. Hang a Barn Door

These days, barn doors are all the rage in master bedroom suites. These rustic doorways offer all the benefits of recessed sliding doors while also adding a unique, antique charm to your bedroom and bathroom. It’s easy to keep your barn door open all the time, but you can also close it whenever you want to have a little bit more privacy in your bathroom.

2. Build a Toilet Room

If you love the idea of having an open bathroom but you’d still like to keep your biological functions to yourself, building a separate toilet room within your bathroom might be a great idea. Most upscale master bathrooms have this feature already, and if you have enough space, it’s easy to build a small toilet room in the corner of your bathroom.

3. Try a Privacy Curtain

Even if you like the idea of having a fully open bathroom most of the time, it’s still possible to have the best of both worlds by installing a privacy curtain or a similar feature. It’s undeniably nice to enjoy natural lighting and an open aesthetic in your bathroom, but it can also be a relief to cut off the outside world when you want to enjoy some private time in your personal grooming area.

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