Gorgeous Color Choices for Your Bedroom

Gorgeous Color Choices for Your Bedroom

 The one room in the house that should be decorated especially for you is your bedroom. You can go wild with your décor choices or create a lush and elegant retreat. Either way, it's all about you. If you spend a lot of time in your boudoir, it's especially rewarding to find the perfect colors and style for that room. Use these tips to enjoy creating your personalized bedroom color scheme. You'll be able to gaze upon it every time you're watching TV, reading or resting in your beautifully appointed bedroom.


 Deluxe Decor

 Making the most of the space available is a decorating standby, and you can easily build a theme around light colored walls that add a sense of spaciousness. If you want to create a refined, high-end look in your bedroom, pale gold wall paint brightens the room while it adds a luxurious feel. Bright, glossy white for door trim and baseboards will highlight the gold color and give the room a clean, polished look. It also creates a superb backdrop for dozens of embellishments.


 Hints of gold in your bedspread and window treatments can add to the luxurious effect, but don't overdo it. Gold tassels are out, but threads of gold in an elegantly hung window topper will carry the theme of abundance. Burgundy is one rich color that's complemented by touches of gold, and you can expand on an elegant burgundy bedspread by adding coordinating pillows. Cornflower blue is a color that will brighten the room, and it contrasts beautifully with white or silver accents.


 Animal Prints

 This is a fun and unique decorating scheme that can give your bedroom the feel of a jungle or African savanna. For the wall color, sand or light brown gives the feel of the desert, and it also blends well with animal-print throws and pillows. Or try painting one wall hunter green and the others a light tan. Either way, you can complement the room's decor with your selections of bedspread, throw blanket, pillows and even furnishings.

 Texture is part of the appeal of an animal print décor, and faux fur can add fun and comfort to your bedroom retreat. Try topping a buff beige bedspread with a profusion of furry throw pillows in every type of animal pattern, and include a couple of small hunter green ones to match your statement wall. For the neutral walls, add pops of coordinating color with wall hangings.


 Art Deco

 This theme is represented by bright, bold colors and geometric shapes. If you crave the clean lines of an art deco inspired bedroom, primary colors will help you create a stylish getaway. Modern elements like chrome and stylized wall hangings also add to this early 20th-century fashion. One striking style element that will personalize your room is a wall of photographs. Wide frames in a variety of bold colors are ideal for continuing the theme.


 Wallpaper is especially helpful in pulling together an art deco bedroom. Black and white is one color scheme that fits, and adding geometrically-patterned wallpaper on the wall behind the headboard can pull an entire room together. Use wide black frames on your photo wall, ideally with a different texture or pattern for each one. A white bedspread with solid black and white throw pillows can continue the theme.



 A spare, clean minimalist bedroom definitely doesn't have to be devoid of color. It can be the best choice if you have unique furnishings to highlight, and it keeps the room from feeling over-decorated when the bed and dresser already make a style statement. For example, if you have a blonde wood Scandinavian bedroom set, simple white walls can be highlighted with artwork and photo frames that have traces of the same pale wood, along with colorful elements.


 One benefit of a minimalist bedroom décor is the ability to feature one or two unique items, for example, a couple of off-beat lamps on either side of the bed or a vintage boudoir chair. It's also an opportunity to have some fun with an accent wall. Instead of just painting it with a contrasting color, try using textured paint to apply a different finish. Simple paneling can be antiqued with gray or white streaks to make a headboard wall, or you can use faux-brick for an especially striking element.


These are just a few of the easy and enjoyable projects you can engage in to add gorgeous color to your room. Most importantly, they should create a space that you enjoy and where you will feel comfortable spending time. Have fun finding the perfect color scheme to enhance your bedroom retreat!



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