Get the Right Faucet for Your Kitchen

Get the Right Faucet for Your Kitchen

 You've got a lot of choices to make when designing your kitchen, and the kitchen faucet is a central one, literally. It's in the center of your activity, at the kitchen sink, where you'll spend a significant amount of time preparing meals and cleaning up after them. Regardless of the style or model, your kitchen faucet will serve you best if it has these features:



  • Height: You need a kitchen faucet that rests high enough above the sink to allow large pots and pans to be filled.



  • Range: The faucet head should swivel 180 degrees, so you can reach all areas of the sink, especially in a double sink.


Single-Handle Operation:

  • Single-Handle Operation: Unless you're going for a vintage look, the single-handed flow lever is the most convenient. It allows you to switch from hot to cold water and a trickle to a flood with one hand while performing other tasks.


Adjustable Spray Pattern:

  • Adjustable Spray Pattern: A faucet with an attachment on the end to allow a gentle spray or heavy flow provides versatility for cooking, washing dishes and cleaning the sink.




 Stationary Head Faucet

 The location of the faucet is stationary, not the range of motion from side to side. At its most basic, a kitchen faucet will remain in one spot except for swiveling left and right. This type of faucet often has a companion sprayer nozzle on the side for washing down the sink.


 Pull-Out Faucet

 This faucet looks like a compact version of the basic faucet head, but it doesn't rotate, and it has the added feature of being detachable and turning into a multi-directional sprayer. The pull-out faucet is a good choice for a small kitchen sink since it takes up less room, yet you can fill large cooking pots with the detachable head.


 Pull-Down Faucet

 Similar to the pull-out model, the pull-down faucet is stationary except for the detachable end nozzle that is extended in a downward direction. It has a high, curving arch that can be an attractive design element for your kitchen. The hose is less susceptible to malfunctions because it's pulled downward instead of up and out, and it usually self-retracts.


 Commercial Inspired Faucet

 An all-in-one faucet and sprayer like the last two, the fusion kitchen sink faucet has a flexible hose encased in a coiled metal covering that bends it into the shape of a stationary faucet. A clamp holds it in place until it's needed as a sprayer. Then, you just grab and bend the faucet as needed without pulling out and replacing a hose. This type of kitchen faucet is also designed with increased water pressure and improved durability.



 There are as many finishes as there are kitchen styles, and it all depends on what kind of look you're pulling together in the culinary hub of your home. Satin finished nickel is a popular choice among homeowners, and other silver metallic selections include platinum, chrome, stainless steel and pewter. Copper, bronze and gold-colored finishes are also available, and all of them can be found in either a smooth polished look, a warmer satin surface, or a brushed metal textured style.


 If you want to go with a non-metallic finish for the kitchen faucet, ceramic finishes come in many different colors. White is a clean, classic color for a farmhouse kitchen, and a light blue or even deep red faucet can make your kitchen sink a standout. A powder-coated epoxy resin coating can also give a faucet a specific color or texture. The polymer material is structurally strong and waterproof, making it handy for use in plumbing fixtures.


 Kitchen Décor

 Chrome and stainless steel plumbing fixtures are a good match if you're creating a modern, cutting-edge look in a kitchen. A high-end trendy kitchen often contains stainless steel appliances, and you want to match the look of the rest of the kitchen. Copper or brass finishes are classic choices for a traditional or vintage kitchen décor. They can also help carry a theme with other kitchen style elements that have the same colors. Bright and bold epoxy resins can create a retro art deco look for a themed kitchen.


 Comfort and Style

 The faucet you choose will most likely reflect the decorating choices you make for your kitchen. Having a faucet that's ergonomically comfortable and easy to use is also a factor to consider. If you're a prodigious cook, then a restaurant-style fusion faucet will make your hours in the kitchen a lot easier. If you need fixtures that reflect a particular era or style, you can find what you need from the vast range of choices available. Have fun bringing life and enjoyment to your own ideal kitchen!


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