Freestanding Bathtub Design Choices for 2018

A bathtub can be the showpiece of your bathroom if you choose the right one. A freestanding tub is still an excellent choice in 2018, and it gives you a bathroom that's a luxurious standout. The traditional cast iron clawfoot tub is a gorgeous addition to an older home remodel, and modern tubs come in many shapes and sizes, as well as finishes. If you have a separate shower available in your home, there's no reason to resist installing a stylish freestanding bathtub in its own place of pride in your bathroom.


Raised Pedestal Tub

One of the most glamorous ways to display your freestanding tub is on a pedestal that allows you to look down upon the rest of the room while you're soaking or bathing. A couple of other options in your bathroom design can create seamless elegance when combined with the tub. First, adding a chandelier above your raised tub adds height to the space and creates an upscale focus for the room. A dimmer is definitely a requirement here, so you can choose the type of lighting that suits your mood.


Part of a Beautiful Setting

A second recommendation is to place the tub next to an artistic window to add light and beauty to the scene. A window with opaque glass and a colorful, intricate design will add yet another touch of beauty to the room. Some people have positioned a tub next to a bathroom mural window that graces the bath with a stained-glass effect. There's also the option of creating a miniature garden outside the window, with a high perimeter wall and a clear window that looks out on flowers and other landscape features.


One Drawback

The only downside of a freestanding tub is that it's not the best option for showering. You can add an oval shower curtain rod to any solitary tub, but it's not the same as having an enclosed shower or shower/tub combo. The inspiring freestanding tub of your dreams doesn't need to have a shower curtain, though, as long as you have a shower available elsewhere in your home. As a matter of fact, a separate tub pairs beautifully with a large walk-in shower in the same bathroom.


Freestanding Bathtub Types

According to Houzz Magazine, you can save some money by purchasing a vintage freestanding tub and having it freshly glazed. Some old beauties are given a new life this way, and a restored tub will blend seamlessly with vintage décor in the bathroom. Modern tubs have the advantage of an ergonomic shape to comfortably fit your body during a long soak. A bright, glossy Lucite tub feels smooth on the skin and resists staining, and it lasts for decades.


Freestanding Bathtub Shapes

You can find freestanding tubs that are rectangular, rounded, asymmetrical or evenly balanced. It all depends on what kind of bathroom style you have in mind. Comfort is also a consideration, as you'll want to select a tub that's deep enough to cover you completely and long enough that you don't feel cramped. You can even find a tub with a raised end to lean back against when you're soaking those tired, sore muscles. A copper bathtub is the epitome of Victorian luxury in the bath, but a copper tub requires more maintenance than one made of porcelain or Lucite.


Choosing the Right Tub

If you can afford it, follow the rule of "quality first, price second". That's because a bargain-priced tub may end up costing more than you think in the long run. Replacing a tub can be costly and disruptive, even if it's a freestanding tub. Do the research before you buy, and compare the quality, features and warranty of various tubs. Also, be sure and read reviews to get an idea of how well others like the available models. This will make it highly likely that you'll be well-satisfied with the luxury and elegance of your new freestanding bathtub.

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