Farmhouse-Inspired Master Bedroom

Farmhouse décor is undeniably attractive, but figuring out how to give your master bedroom the perfect rustic farmhouse mystique can be challenging. Make the process of remodeling your bedroom easier with these simple ideas for your bed, dressers, bedding, and other bedroom features.

Use Lots of White

One aspect of farmhouse décor you shouldn’t overlook is this décor style’s dependence on the color white. Before you deploy any of your furniture items in your bedroom or come up with any more master bedroom farmhouse décor ideas, you should whitewash your walls and ceiling with the whitest white paint you can find.

In the end, the only major surface in your bedroom that shouldn’t be white is the floor. In most farmhouse-inspired master bedrooms, wood flooring looks best, but you might want to break with convention and try carpet or even stone tile for a more avant-garde look. Whatever you do, just make sure all the vertical surfaces in your bedroom are gleaming with a fresh coat of white paint before you move on to the next steps.

Try Wood Paneling on the Walls

While you might prefer to proceed with the basic drywall that’s already equipped on the walls of your bedroom, keep in mind that wood paneling will give your farmhouse-inspired master bedroom that extra boost of rustic appeal that will have all your house guests cooing with envy. It’s easy to find reclaimed wall paneling at your local recycled hardware store, and you can also use new materials for this project.

If you decide to set up wooden panels in your remodeled master bedroom, just make sure they’re white as the driven snow. You don’t have to put wood panels on every wall in your bedroom, but if you have multiple surfaces on your walls, ensure they’re the same shade of white.

Farmhouse-Inspired Master Bedroom

Exposed Beams Are a Must

We’ll level with you before we go any further: Farmhouse-inspired master bedroom décor looks best in bedrooms with sloped ceilings. While you can certainly pull off a beautiful farmhouse-inspired bedroom in a flat-ceilinged room, trying this décor style in a bedroom with a sloped ceiling has one major benefit: exposed beams.

Thick, wooden exposed beams take your farmhouse bedroom that extra mile. Even if your ceiling doesn’t naturally have beams, you can simply install a beam or two wherever you deem appropriate to give your bedroom an authentic farmhouse look. Just remember that rough, weathered beams look better in a rustic farmhouse bedroom than polished, brand-new beams you just picked up at the hardware store.

Deploy Some Dried Flowers

Now that you’ve got the basics of farmhouse décor down, it’s time to accessorize. One simple accessory that truly reinforces the “vintage” aspect of what you’re trying to achieve in your bedroom is a vase of dried flowers. While fresh flowers also look good, dried flowers are permanent, and they make your bedroom look more antique.

As an alternative or to complement your dried flowers, you can deploy a few small potted plants in your rustic bedroom. While big-leafed, tropical plants would look out of place, a few aromatic herbs or creepers would fit in perfectly with the overall décor efforts you’re trying to accomplish.

Choose Weathered or Reclaimed Furniture

As you pick out the chairs, dressers, and chests that you want to populate your bedroom with, keep an eye out for antique or weathered furniture. Brand-new furniture might look right in select applications, but as a general rule of thumb, it’s best to pick reclaimed furniture that fits right in with the décor style you’re trying to accomplish.

For instance, an antique, whitewashed wicker chair would look perfect in that corner by the window, and a genuine weathered leather chest would look great at the foot of your bed. To find the perfect picks for your bedroom, check out your local antique stores and reclaimed furniture warehouses.

Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize

Farmhouse bedrooms are anything but spartan. While putting tons of decorative plates on your walls might be a bit much, there’s no reason you should hold back unreasonably as you pick out the accessories you’ll deploy throughout your newly-renovated bedroom.

For instance, decorative pillows look great on farmhouse-style beds, and a big, ornate mirror would look perfect over your antique dresser. You might want to set up a couple of antique lamps on your bedside tables, and a decorative vase or two next to your bedroom fireplace would truly seal the deal in your journey with accessories.

Farmhouse-Inspired Master Bedroom

Chandeliers Go Great with Farmhouse Bedrooms

While you might feel that chandeliers go best with ornate dining rooms, these types of light fixtures actually look perfect in farmhouse bedrooms as well. Most farmhouse bedroom chandeliers are rustic or antique, but you can also use this lighting accessory as the contemporary centerpiece of your bedroom that gives it a more modern allure in contrast to your predominantly antique features.

Whichever type of chandelier you pick, we recommend you choose a model that’s compatible with LED bulbs. That way, you won’t have to lower your chandelier to change the bulbs no matter how long you live in your house.

Finish It Up with a Hanging Barn Door

If you’re planning to leave the existing door between your master bedroom and your master bathroom intact as you renovate your sleeping quarters in farmhouse style, you’ll need to reevaluate your plans. Traditional barn doors are indispensable aspects of farmhouse bedrooms, and these convenient doorways have several unique benefits.

For starters, it’s easy to leave hanging barn doors open all the time without your bathroom door getting in your way. Therefore, this type of door increases the openness in your room, and the thick, steel tracks that these doors hang on also make your farmhouse bedroom look like it’s actually perched atop a traditional farmhouse whether you have a barn or not.


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