Exciting Ideas for Your 2018 Bathroom Décor

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The ambience and style of your bathroom can make a statement in your overall home décor. It's a small room with an oversized impact, and you don't have to sacrifice comfort and utility for appearance. Here are some bathroom design suggestions to consider for 2018.

Glass-Front Cabinets

Traditional bathroom counters look like versions of the same cabinets you'd find in the kitchen. There's nothing wrong with inlaid wooden fronts and ceramic or metal knobs that match the drawer pulls, but we've discovered some other interesting options for this year. You can achieve a contemporary or traditional style in the bath with a glass-front bathroom vanity. Frosted glass hides bathroom supplies, or you can opt for clear glass with baskets on each shelf for a rustic look. This modular organization also makes it easy to quickly find what you need in each cabinet.


Modern Cabinet Décor

For a truly modern look, a floating vanity in the bathroom adds interest, especially when paired with a modern geometric mirror that draws the eye. Smooth, flat cabinet fronts are the best look with this design, and you can even leave off the knobs and drawer pulls. Cabinet and drawer fronts that have a lip for opening by hand will close softly with self-closing hinges, leaving your vanity front with a smooth, uninterrupted surface that reflects the contemporary style of the room.



Bathroom Sink Options

For the past few years, placing a ceramic or glass bowl on top of a pedestal has been the epitome of innovative style when it comes to the bathroom sink. However, the square-shaped rustic style sink is another popular bathroom choice for 2018. It's part of a simple, farmhouse look that's catching on with new home builds and remodels alike. Paired with a glass-front vanity and baskets, this will give your bathroom a warm, cozy feel rather than making it into a showplace.



Neutrals Are Making a Comeback

In keeping with the natural, organic look, neutral colors are high on the list of bathroom options in 2018. Taupe, tan, cream, gray and light brown are highly desired colors in bathroom tile and counter tops. Earth tones make the perfect backdrop for decorating your bathroom with splashes of color using bathroom décor staples like towels, shower curtain, vanity accessories and plants.



Ceramic Tile Will Never Go Out of Style


Benefits of Tile

It's true that bathrooms with plain subway tile are no longer the norm and, unless you're going retro, checkerboard colored tile has been out for decades. But the incredible selection of ceramic tile that's available today keeps it going as a staple for bathroom design. Part of the allure is the utility of ceramic tile. It's waterproof, easy to clean and lasts much longer than drywall or plaster in the bathroom. It's also attractive, and the shiny texture brightens up a small space. In a larger bathroom, you can opt for a matte finish that looks like granite or slate.



New Textures and Designs

You can now find ceramic tile that mimics stone or wood, and it comes in just about any size. If you can't afford to tile all of the bathroom walls, at least add a matching surround to your shower and tub. It will give longevity to your walls and provide a focal point for the rest of the bathroom décor. One style suggestion is to incorporate occasional tiles in a different design. For example, your smooth pale gray shower tile can be broken up by occasional textured tiles. Flower and leaf designs are still a good choice for bathroom accent tiles, along with ornate baroque patterned tiles.

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