Eclectic Small Bathroom Ideas

When you have a limited amount of space to work with in your bathroom, it can seem like your only choice is to keep things simple and boring when it comes to your sink, shower, and mirror. However, there are plenty of ways that you can breathe vibrant and eclectic life into even the smallest bathroom. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to some of our best ideas on how to transform your boring small bathroom into a colorful and exciting grooming paradise.

How to Be Eclectic

Mixing seemingly conflicting aesthetic styles is at the heart of eclectic décor. As you set up your small bathroom in eclectic style, try to feel the razor’s edge between artfully odd and purely chaotic. It doesn’t make sense to go to a thrift store and pick out wall hangings at random, but an eclectic bathroom that’s too tame isn’t eclectic at all.

One of the best formulas for putting together an eclectic bathroom is to frame attractive antique features in clean contemporary environments. To achieve this effect, you can start with a bare-bones contemporary bathroom and gradually introduce off-the-wall features and accessories that augment this simple and antiseptic space.

In the design world, an “eclectic style” is simply any interior design style that doesn’t cleanly fit into a pre-existing descriptive category. To make your bathroom truly eclectic, you’ll need to evade a variety of clearly-defined décor categories and make a grooming space that’s genuinely your own.

Eclectic Small Bathroom Ideas


Limited Space Might Be an Advantage

If you’re a veteran urbanite, you might constantly lament the tiny amount of space you have at your disposal as you carry out your daily grooming routine. Bumping into bathroom features whenever you want to brush your teeth or wash your hands is understandably annoying, but a smaller bathroom space might actually be the perfect environment to create a uniquely eclectic room.

When you have a large bathroom, it can be hard to make this space seem anything more than ordinary. With the same number of accessories that would make a small bathroom seem eclectic, a large bathroom still looks bare, which means you might be tempted to over-accessorize in a larger space. When you add an unreasonable number of accessories to any space, you run the risk of losing the message you’re trying to achieve amid all the noise.

In a small bathroom, however, just a few artfully-deployed accessories can completely change your space. If you’re conscientious in your remodeling efforts, you can even make a small bathroom seem bigger by making it eclectic.

Color Considerations

In the pursuit of a small bathroom that’s truly eclectic, you’ll need to deploy plenty of different colors in your newly-remodeled space. Eclectic design doesn’t include completely random colors, but eclectic spaces can still be so colorful that they can seem practically psychedelic.

Keep in mind that eclectic décor is essentially the diametric opposite of minimal décor. While minimal décor calls for completely clean spaces that are almost entirely bereft of color, eclectic décor embraces color at every turn.

Compare and contrast the interplay between various shades as you land on a final color scheme for your small bathroom. The hues you end up choosing shouldn’t be completely random, but clashing shades look great when you’re trying to pull off an eclectic look. A color wheel or a handful of color chips from your local hardware store’s paint section can help you pick out colors that provide excellent contrast without being too jarring on the eyes.

Keep the Textures Varied

Many types of décor styles call for minimalistic textures. Modern décor usually consists of flat or glossy textures, and other décor styles, such as farmhouse or industrial, have their own textures that set these types of home environments apart from other options.

With eclectic style, however, you can mix and match as many different textures as you like. As with your color choices, it pays to pick your textures wisely even though you have tons of options at your disposal. Remember that eclectic décor toes the line between the completely chaotic and the uninterestingly mundane; pick enough different textures to get your point across, but don’t go so overboard that you hurt everyone’s eyes whenever they use your bathroom.

Don’t Hold Back with the Accessories

By this point, you’ve probably made some tentative decisions regarding the colors and textures you want to see in your newly-redesigned small bathroom. When it comes to eclectic style, however, these basic considerations don’t even go halfway in conveying your unique vision for your grooming space.

To make your new bathroom truly eclectic, you’ll need to accessorize. While certain types of décor, such as coastal or Mediterranean, call for accessories that are all very similar, eclectic décor practically demands accessories that contrast and conflict with each other at every turn.

As you select the perfect décor items for your eclectic bathroom, you might find it helpful to pick an overall theme. If you pick a railroad theme, for instance, all your accessories will have a common denominator, but you’ll still be free to pick and choose your accessory types freely. Alternatively, you might want to make your eclectic bathroom animal-themed and deploy an enticing mixture of old deer or bear woodcuts and photorealistic zoo paintings.

Eclectic Small Bathroom Ideas


Be Creative

Remember that everything eclectic comes from the heart. You’ll need to bring your unique artistic temperament to bear as you design your new bathroom if you want it to look genuinely eclectic.

This consideration means that you might need to go beyond simply asking the attendant at Pier 1 Imports for the most eclectic bathroom accessories in the store. By the time you’re done designing your new bathroom, you’ll be intimately familiar with all the thrift and reclaimed furniture stores in your area, and you may have even taken an art class or two to get up to speed on everything that a truly eclectic bathroom should be.

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