Double-Sink Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Your vanity is your headquarters for starting your day right. However, jostling for space with your significant other in front of the sink gets old quickly, and if you want to enjoy genuine comfort in front of your bathroom sink as you brush your teeth, wash your face, and apply makeup, you’ll need to install a double-sink vanity. Learn more about double-sink vanities and the materials you’ll need to pull off this type of vanity in your bathroom.

1. Try a Double-Facing Vanity Island

It’s fair to guess that you won’t find this type of vanity anywhere other than your bathroom. This type of double-sink vanity only works in relatively large bathrooms, and it creates a unique aesthetic that will give you and your partner plenty of room to move around and groom.

Island vanities with dual sinks generally sit on single pedestals in the center of a bathroom. Your island vanity will feature a single double-sided mirror, and it will have a sink on either side. You can make your double-sink island vanity out of any material you choose, but a mixture of white marble countertops and treated hardwood drawers looks great in a spacious contemporary bathroom.

2. Set up Vanities on Opposite Walls

If you want to create as much room as possible for you and your partner to get ready in the morning or brush your teeth at night, you might want to try installing vanities on opposite sides of your bathroom. These types of vanities provide plenty of floor space between you and your partner, and you’ll never have to worry about mixing up your moisturizer with your partner’s shaving cream.

While completely separated vanities might seem somewhat standoffish at first glance, they may be more intimate than you’re imagining; if you set up your bathroom mirrors just right, you and your partner will be able to sneak glances at each other while you go through the steps of your daily grooming routines.

3. Install Dual Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are extremely trendy right now, and there’s a good reason for the popularity of this type of sink: Vessel sinks look great, and they’re highly convenient. While most types of sinks hide under your counter, vessel sinks proudly show what they’re made of out in the open.

Choosing a vessel sink gives you an opportunity to show off the materials you’ve chosen for your basins, and these types of sinks are easier to install than other sink options. While you can only install most types of sinks by cutting huge holes in your beautiful marble, stone, or wood countertop, vessel sinks only require small holes for plumbing.

If you want to design a truly eclectic bathroom, you can try installing two vessel sinks of different colors side by side. You can choose white porcelain for your sink and black stone for your partner’s to give each person a personal connection to his or her sink. Alternatively, you can use the same material for each vessel sink but choose different shapes to mark each person’s territory.

Double-Sink Bathroom Vanity Ideas


4. Use One Huge Mirror

Most double-sink bathroom vanities feature separate mirrors for each sink. While this approach looks good, you might want to break with convention by installing a single mirror that spans the distance between both sinks.

You’ll notice the benefits of this arrangement the moment that you want to look in the mirror when you aren’t directly in front of your sink. Plus, the more wall your mirror takes up, the more space you’ll appear to have in your bathroom. Mirrors can make any room look bigger, and a wall-wide mirror in your double-sink bathroom can more than recoup the space you’ve lost by ditching your single sink and installing a double.

Double-Sink Bathroom Vanity Ideas


5. Find Some Mismatched Mirrors

If you decide to install separate mirrors, you can make your bathroom look unique by installing different mirror styles behind each sink. The two mirrors you choose shouldn’t be that different, but they should be different enough to make an eclectic statement whenever a friend or guest enters your bathroom.

You might want to find similar frame styles with different shapes. For instance, you can search through reclaimed furniture warehouses for the perfect pair of brass-framed mirrors. Choose a round mirror for yourself, and pick out a square-shaped mirror for your partner.

Alternatively, you can buy two mirrors that have the same shape but feature different frame materials. For instance, you could choose an oval brass frame for yourself and a silver frame for your partner.

6. Make Your Vanities Float

You can maximize your counter space while leaving plenty of room for storage if you install a floating double-sink vanity in your bathroom. These vanities attach directly to your wall, and because they don’t feature supports that connect to the floor, they leave space underneath for storing towels, toilet paper, or whatever else you want to keep in your bathroom.

There are lots of different floating vanity models out there, so you can pick a model that fits in perfectly with your bathroom’s décor. In addition, these types of vanities leave varying amounts of space between their bottoms and the floor, which means you can customize the amount of room that you want to have for storage.

Double-Sink Bathroom Vanity Ideas


7. Flank Your Tub with Vanities

Most double-sink vanities feature sinks that are right next to each other. If you put your tub between your vanities, however, you can pull off an impressive look that you won’t see in anyone else’s bathroom.

This double-sink vanity arrangement leaves plenty of space for you and your partner to groom in peace, and it’s also the perfect option for a smaller bathroom. When you put your tub between your vanities, you maximize the amount of countertop space allocated for each person while placing your tub in the most space-efficient position possible.


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