Double-Sink Bathroom Vanities

One sink can be enough to let a couple get by, but jostling for places to wash your hands and brush your teeth can get old after a while. Installing a double-sink vanity in your home solves any crowding issues, and it also provides a unique aesthetic appeal that feels more comfortable and improves your home value. However, there are tons of different ways to incorporate a double-sink setup in your master bathroom, and it's important to get an idea of what's out there before you make a choice. Here are some of the style options that you should keep in mind as you figure out the best way to install a vanity for two in your bathroom.


Put the Basin Over the Counter

There's something to be said for sink basins that fit smoothly under your counter, but putting the basin on top of the counter is the best way to make a statement as you construct a double-sink bathroom vanity that you'll love for years to come. Bathrooms that have sinks on top of their counters are imbued with a certain aesthetic appeal that recalls five-star hotel bathrooms and the types of sinks you find in fancy restaurants, and these sinks also provide the perfect opportunities to show off the mesmerizing materials that you decided to use for your sink basin. For instance, hammered copper sink basins recall the aesthetics of the French countryside, and a marble bowl would look right at home in an ornate, modern bathroom. While there are many over-counter sink basin styles to choose from, rounded options can provide the delightful impression that you casually set the basin on the counter and that it is now balancing on its own accord.

Double-Sink Bathroom Vanities


Try an Oppositional Theme

Most double-sink vanities feature sinks that are right next to each other, which means that if you want to break with convention, you'll need to split things up. If you have a generally square space to use for the sink area of your bathroom, you can set up your vanities so that they face each other from opposite sides of the room. Not only will this create an endless mirror effect when either you or your partner look in your mirrors at the right angles, but it also affords a degree of privacy that you can't find in traditional his-and-hers sink setups. These types of vanities excel when they are practically identical, but you can always throw in minor differences to differentiate your sink from your partner's. Beyond these basic tips, it's up to you whether you'd prefer to have over-counter or under-counter sinks, but it's worth pointing out that oppositional vanity themes look the best when you pair them with ultra-modern decor.

Double-Sink Bathroom Vanities


Set up Double Pedestal Sinks

When it comes to double-sink bathroom vanities, most homeowners decide to go with options that include voluminous bathroom cabinets with drawers for storing various toiletries. While this type of setup definitely has its advantages, it can be somewhat lacking in terms of style, which is where traditional pedestal sinks come into play. These types of sinks look a little bit like flowers attached to stems that somehow grew out of your bathroom floor, and they are reminiscent of a different era of bathroom decor. While most pedestal sinks would look somewhat out of place in modern-style bathrooms, they can be the perfect additions to your bathroom if you're trying to evoke a more traditional motif. Traditionally, pedestal sinks are porcelain, but you can substitute a different material like stainless steel if you're going for a different look.


Make the Mirrors Different

One way that you can make your bathroom vanity stand out from the crowd without much effort is to choose two mirrors that look slightly different from each other. While mirrors that look completely different would be too off-putting, try using mirrors that are about the same size and shape but have different frame styles. For instance, two square mirrors on the wall that both have gilded frames but different frame styles is the perfect way to accentuate the differences between you and your partner. If you want to follow traditional feminine and masculine themes, you can make the frame for the man's mirror angular and imposing and the frame for the woman's mirror curvy and inviting. Additional small touches like a bouquet of fresh flowers on the woman's sink and an antique razor stand on the man's sink can lend the finishing touches to this unique double-sink bathroom style.


Include the Kids, Too

When most people think of double-sink bathroom vanities, his-and-hers sinks are usually the first things to come to mind. However, there's another type of double-sink setup that's just as useful in certain situations: a sink for you and a sink for your kids. While you and your partner will have to share a single sink if you pursue this route, you gain an incredible opportunity to include your kids in your morning routine and help them learn all about the correct hygiene practices while enjoying valuable bonding time. There are lots of different ways to pull off a bathroom style that appeals to both you and your kids, picking two identical sinks and mirrors and then placing one vanity about a foot lower to the floor is one common way of achieving this effect. There are also certain bathroom cabinets that have drop-offs on one side with a slightly lower sink that you might want to consider if a smooth, uniform appearance is what you're after. Whichever type of kid-friendly double vanity setup you choose, make sure to include your little ones in the decision-making process.

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