DIY Spa Bathroom on a Budget

Taking on the task of giving your bathroom a facelift is a great way to add value to your home and make things more functional and efficient in your day-to-day routine. Learning how to install a spa-style tub or shower in your bathroom isn’t always easy, and it’s always a wise move to consider tips that might help you pull off the exact spa bathroom you’re considering. Check out our top spa bathroom renovation tips and find out how to make your own bathroom into a spa-like environment.

What Is a Spa Bathroom?

What do you think of when you imagine the spa experience? The spa is a place you go to relax, take care of yourself, and be with people you care about. A spa should be an inviting, relaxing place where you go to get away from the world and get in touch with what’s important.

An at-home spa bathroom generally incorporates a big soaker tub and a good way to rinse off afterward. Many homeowners choose the shower-room-and-soaker-tub combo, which works wonders in big bathrooms. Even if you have a small bathroom, however, it’s possible to incorporate some home spa renovation tips that will give you the pampered experience in your limited space.

DIY Spa Bathroom on a Budget

How Do You Save Money When Renovating Your Bathroom?

Going the DIY route is an understandable decision when you’re trying to save money, and there are a lot of ways you can make your bathroom into a spa-like environment without relying on professional help. No matter what level of experience you have in home renovations or design, there are things you can do today that will make your bathroom more relaxing, comfortable, and inviting. Here are a few principles you should follow during the renovation process:

Plan Carefully

Before you do anything, have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish in your renovated space. Do you want to have a full-on spa experience complete with a pedicure station and a sauna, or would you rather recreate the ambiance of a Japanese-style onsen? Get a clear picture of the overall effect you want to achieve first, then narrow in on the finer details.

If your renovations will require any cutting, lifting, or expensive purchases, make sure you plan for all those factors ahead of time. When cutting new drywall or laying plumbing lines, take careful measurements, and don’t be afraid to recruit the help of your friends and acquaintances.

Get the Best Materials and Features

It’s better to spend a large section of your budget on some high-quality features than it is to overload your new spa-style bathroom with lots of cheaply-made goods. It’s okay if you can’t decorate your bathroom perfectly right now; you’ll have plenty of time in the future to invest in more features and accessories that will make your spa bathroom dreams take flight.

Do plenty of research into all the products and tools you buy for this product, and make sure to compare prices. Many major retailers and home improvement stores now have mobile apps that inform you about the items that are stocked nearby, so make sure to take advantage of these handy tools as you find the best deals of the market.

Know When You Need Help

If it doesn’t seem like your knowledge is going to cover it when it comes to all the steps necessary to complete your bathroom remodel, it’s time to ask for help. These days, finding skilled technicians in your area is simple with tools like Angie’s List, so there’s always someone there to help when you aren’t exactly sure which tool or material to use. Gone are the days of the sharp distinction between “professional” and “do-it-yourself;” it’s now easy to get little bits of help here and there with specific tasks you need to complete.

At every step of the way, remember how far automation and consumer electronics have come. Keep your smartphone in your pocket, and remember that YouTube tutorials and your AI assistant are incredibly helpful when you need to make quick lists and look up particular products.

Benefits of Installing a Spa Bathroom

Though there are a million ways to build and decorate a spa bathroom, every spa bathroom in the world has a defining quality that adds value to any home. Investing in high-end, spa-style equipment in your bathroom increases your resale price, and it improves your quality of life every year you live in your home.

If you want to pass your home on to your family, then they’ll enjoy the bathroom improvements you’ve made for years to come. As you renovate, make choices with their long-term implications in mind; when it comes to spa bathrooms, quality is more important than quantity, so make your own spa bathroom a work of art.

DIY Spa Bathroom on a Budget

DIY Spa Bathrooms - Quick Tips

There are lots of ways you can make your spa bathroom vision come to light. To give you an idea of what others have done, here are a few DIY spa bathroom tips that might help you find your inner muse. Let us know about your renovation experience and how Room to Rooms helped you find your inner zen in your spa bathroom at home.

1. Plants

Adding a simple frondy plant or two to your bathroom is enough to give it a spa-like atmosphere. Plants add humidity to the air, and they look downright tropical in any bathroom.

2. Reclaimed Furniture

Get to know your local reclaimed furniture warehouses. Whether it’s retail features on super-clearance or antique steals that would cost a lot more if they were all cleaned up, the finds you’ll make at these local emporiums are worth the digging.

3. Cedar and Pine Features

Many Western and Eastern spas feature cedar or pine planking. These sap-filled woods give out soothing aromas that complement any steamy spa-style bathroom.


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